You are Enough Meditation

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7 reasons you are Enough.


You have struggled
You are amazing because you have conquered something hard, whether it be school, a career, a life changing event, you’ve lost someone you love or anything else that has tried to break you down. You have struggled so you are good enough.

You have loved
You have given a part of your heart either to a family member, friend, significant other or an activity. No matter who or what you put your heart into, you have have put your heart into something and loved it. That makes you good enough.

You have fears
No matter where you fall on the fear spectrum from afraid of the dark to afraid of failure, fear is an instinct that protects you. It makes you stronger and it forces you to be brave. Your fears are proof that you are good enough.

You have emotions
Happy, sad, angry, disgusted, nervous; these emotions create your personality. They are the reason you struggle and love and fear and learn from your mistakes. Your emotions make you human, they balance each other out and they are one of the reasons you are enough.

You have dreams
You want to see the world or change the world or maybe just have a family of your own. Your dreams are amazing no matter how big or small they may seem. Each and every dream has helped shape this beautiful planet that we call home and because of that you are enough.

You are unique
You look different, you think different, you show emotions and strength differently because you are completely unique. Without you this world would have one less perspective but with you we have greater understanding, different points of view and another type of beauty that we didn’t have before you came along. You are incredible and you are enough.

You are a miracle
You woke up today feeling like a person but you don’t realize that you are simply stardust. The fact that we are made up of oxygen and carbon and hydrogen and a bunch of other elements that we find floating around in the universe, and that those elements have come together to create bones and muscles and blood that work together to create a living, breathing, thinking person is fantastic. You are a walking miracle! You on your own, standing, thinking, living, learning, growing and sharing your life with others are nothing short of marvelous, and that makes you enough.

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