The Truth About Sitting Down

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Andishe is a thriving health and beauty blogger from Los Angeles, California with BA from UCLA in Environmental Studies and Geography and a Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University. As a young girl living in Iran, she was fascinated with culture , traveling and the world surrounding her. While studying different cultures Andishe soon learned about Ayurveda, its remedies, herbs and spices, and the uses of natural oils for health, beauty and vitality.

She is a believer that this holistic way of living has truly kept her young, vibrant and healthy. Putting pills and traditional medicines behind she often creates her own beauty and health products from natural ingredients sharing her acquired knowledge through her website

But her mission doesn't end with social media and blogging! As she plans to educate the masses on a broader global level, about disease prevention, food growth and healthy practices.
Andishe Farahmand

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The other day I was in class, when the professor gave us a 10 minute break after two hours of class time had passed. “Did you know sitting in the new smoking?” he said, and as he did, I quietly raised my hand and asked him what he meant.

His explanation led me to my own research the very same night, after class was over. As I typed “Sitting is the new smoking”, a variety of articles, images and blog posts came up. I was immediately drawn to the above picture and clicked on the website.

Turns out what I had clicked on was an info-graph created by a series of healthcare workers and researchers whose job is to provide a certain report based on primary data. This info graph happened to be the hard work of a bunch of people who put numbers into perspective.

According to the info graph, just 6 hours of sitting per day puts you at risk for a variety of complications,  making you 40% more likely to die 15 years earlier than someone who sits only 3 hours a day.

Obesity has doubled since the 80’s and one possible theory is…sitting, because more obese people sit frequently than thin people. I know a shocker right?

Here is what happens when you sit for a period of time:

  1. Electrical activity in the muscles shut off
  2. Calorie burning drops to one per minute
  3. Fat breaking enzymes drop to 90%

Here is what you should do:

Get up, be active, and move your body!

Here’s the facts about sitting down compiled in the infographic from Medical Billing and Coding.

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