3 Hours of Zen Meditation

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“In exhaustive pursuit, the root of the Way is perfectly penetrating. Why should you assume cultivation and verification? The supreme vehicle moves freely. Why should you consume striving and skill? Much more, its entirety is far beyond the realm of dust. Who would believe in the measures of sweeping? It never departs from right where you are. Why should you require the steps of cultivation?

And yet, if there is even the slightest discrepancy, you become separated as far apart as heaven and earth. If the slightest liking or disliking arises, the mind is lost in confusion. Even though you may achieve insightful power of glimpsing the Buddha’s ground, taking pride in your understanding and enjoying enlightenment; even though you may generate the aspiration of pressing on to heaven, attaining the Way, and clarifying the mind; even though you may roam around the boundary of this realm, reaching the point of putting your head in, still you largely lack the life-path of liberation.

Moreover, the trace of six years’ upright sitting by the innately awakened Buddha at Jetavana must be observed. And the fame of nine years’ facing the wall by the transmitter of the mind-seal, Bodhidharma, at Shaolin Temple, must be heard. If the ancient sages were like this, why should you, a person of today, not exert yourself?

Therefore, you must stop comprehending the conduct of investigating words and chasing discourses. You must learn to step backward to turn your light around to reflect on yourself. Mind and body will naturally fall away and your original face will manifest itself. If you wish to attain suchness, devote yourself to suchness at once.”

Excerpt from: Fukanzazengi: Universal Recommendations for Zazen

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