The Root of All Disease Explained in 5 minutes

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READ FIRST: As much as I love all of you and will never stop this blog and knowledge flow… my goal in this life is to teach people NOT to need me… to be their own doctor and healer. The secret is below.
I need to say a huge thank you to the greatest website in the world,, where I got a lot of the lists for this post. It’s a non-profit website filled with alternative medicine forums of all kinds where everyone can share knowledge and experience. You can post any problem you have and get helps from tons of people who have been through it. Some forums include: parasite cleanse forum, breast cancer forum, acne forum, and even specific forums (such as “Ask Barefoot Herbalist”) that are mediated by expert herbalists who can give you knowledge, advice and even diagnosis. There are forums as unique as “peeling lips forum”, “body odor forum”, “sexual abuse forum” (where you have a safe place to get psychological support from a community who will listen to your story and give you the courage to perhaps call law enforcement if you are scared), “law of attraction forum”, “castor oil forum”, literally EVERY TOPIC, EVERYTHING HUMANS COULD NEED TO TALK TO EACH OTHER ABOUT, EVERY NATURAL CURE AND EVERY AILMENT HAS A SAFE PLACE FOR PEOPLE TO SHARE KNOWLEDGE! Not only does CureZone have forums, they have information pages containing the leading knowledge and discoveries for each topic. So, on the “cleansing forum” there is an entire info page dedicated to a guide on how to cleanse your entire body, starting with the colon, then taking care of parasites, then the liver, kidneys, etc. Once you read this page giving you the information you need to understand HOW to cleanse the organs, there are over 50 forums on CureZone offering support for you to talk with others while you are cleansing, ask them questions, etc!

Everyone has a different disease, with different symptoms, but what if we could pinpoint one root cause?

It all starts with increasing levels of toxemia. Toxemia simply means internal pollution… and it is the main cause of all disease and degeneration. Internal pollution comes from toxins. Here’s a list of common toxins, click each for more info on CureZone.

Internal pollution can be exacerbated if you are nutritionally deficient, not getting enough water, stressed, or making poor dietary choices. Here are the MAIN CAUSES OF NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY:

  • high consumption of REFINED foods (refined sugar, flour, table salt (not sea), oils, polished rice, corn starch, fat-free milk…)
  • poor food choices
  • mucus and parasites in your bowel – colon
  • poor absorption as a result of poor digestion
  • not enough minerals in the earth for agriculture for more than 30 years without floods
  • poor digestion, caused by FOOD MIXING: either proteins + refined carbs, or proteins + fruit
  • eating a short time before sleeping
  • not enough bile from the liver because of gallstones in bile ducts
  • stress (stress can cause great mineral loss through urination)
  • intestinal injuries
  • imbalances in gut and bowel flora
  •  drug interference with metabolic processes
  • increased nutrient requirements because of: 1) drug detoxification, recreational or prescription 2) over-consumption of refined sugar, 3) over-consumption of saturated fats

IN TURN, this increasingly toxic state of the body begins to cause gallstones, poor digestion, parasites, candida, and hypo or hyperthyroidism. The body becomes acidic, and the cells continue to get less and less oxygen due to the organs not functioning properly, and the blood (carrier of oxygen) becoming polluted. This also leads Western doctors to prescribe medications instead of instructing you on how to eliminate toxins and cleanse your body / become healthy. These medications tax the body further.

So this all has explained toxemia, which as I said will lead to disease. The TYPE of disease you develop depends on: the type of toxins you have, the type of parasites you have, the type of infections you may have, your genetic material, your blood type, your inherent capacity to handle lack of nutrition, your psychological & mental strength, your age, your gender, your thoughts, your environment, your lack of love and touch, and more (rest of list on my website too). THERE YOU HAVE IT: every disease explained… and the cure for them is clear. Cleanse, get the TOXINS out, heal the body, and give it proper nutrition. Change your life and PREVENT disease!

Eat to beat disease – Important rules when eating
  • eat less than you are used to, but chew longer than you are use to.
  • never overfill your stomach
  • chew food well (at least 20 times each mouthful);
  • make at least 1 hour pause between fruit and next meal;
  • do not mix proteins with carbohydrates to often. (avoid  Pizza)
  • never eat desserts with rest of food! Make minimum 2 hours break between food and desserts!
  • never eat fruits with rest of the food  – make break between fruit and the rest of the food.
  • eat more often but less mixed food
  • eat salads with cold pressed oils
  • don’t eat proteins with deserts
  • eat food that have been prepared with love – food preparing and cooking are like an art!
  • avoid eating 3 hours before sleeping
  • avoid eating fruit or deserts for dinner
  • use root vegetables in cooking and salads (carrots, onions, burdock, radish, daikon, dandelion root, parsley, celery…)
  • avoid inorganic foods (antibiotics, hormones, pesticides) (antibiotics can harm intestinal flora !!!  Hormones will help you tumor grow.  Pesticides will poison your healthy cells and organs.)

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