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The seed is the basis for natural life, whether that life be plant or animal it makes no difference. You would not be reading this right now if it was not for seeds. From your conception to the foods you eat, a seed has been your lifeline.

Take a trip to Haiti, they will tell you how sacred the seed is. Please keep in mind this is the most impoverished land of the western hemisphere for reasons that should be discussed at another time. After the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in January of 2010 the Haitians received an ignis fatuus “generous donation” of seeds to plant from our good friends at Monsanto. If you don’t know about Monsanto (formally called “Monsanto the chemical company”), they are a large biotech corporation (one of many) who are responsible for genetic modifications to our food to create “sustainability” but how are infertile seeds sustainable? The Haitians knew they weren’t getting anything good so how did they show their appreciation? By having a mass seed burn! Unfortunately some of our Haitian brothers & sisters planted the frankenseeds, out of desperation & it destroyed their land. They all expressed deep regret.

On to something a little more positive. Fruits produce seeds that are both good & bad for you, what’s life without a balance? Papaya seeds are probably among the most prolific. The seeds contain Proteolytic Enzymes or protease like papain which is good for meat eaters & an anthelmintic alkaloid by the name of carpaine which can help rid your body of parasites. Stabilizing your digestive tract makes it inhospitable for unwanted guests! We can ALL use a cleanse, especially if you drink alcohol. Alcohol turns your liver into a raisin making it hard, hindering it’s true purpose which is to help the body rid itself of toxins.

Have a bacterial infection? The seeds got you! Trying to conceive a baby? Your fertility may increase once you take in these peppercorn tasting givers of life. Lemon/lime (they are the same fruit) seeds contain small amounts of salicylic acid which happens to be the primary ingredient in aspirin. Strawberries are interesting in the fact that the “seeds” are actually ovaries & have been named “Achenes”. These are literally their own fruit that carries a seed inside of it! Strawberries are also more closely related to roses than any berry, some don’t even consider it a fruit. This paradox of vegetation has left botanist torn in their classification attempt but one thing is certain there is more vitamin c in strawberries than oranges.

Studies show that grape seeds are awesome in slowing down the growth of cancers, heart failure & other disorders of oxidative stress. This includes PMS ladies! Studies have shown that during this time the balance of oxidant/antioxidant systems may fluctuate. Unfortunately they are taking the seeds out of most grapes you’ll find in your local produce section via a process called “cutting”. A piece of the vine or branch is cut off & dipped in “rooting hormone”. It is then placed in moist soil so that roots & leaves may form. This is essentially a cloning process. If you haven’t cooked with grape seed oil I highly recommend trying it!

I’m sure you’re tired of everything being pumpkin flavored this time of year so may I suggest instead of pumpkin seeds, try butternut squash seeds. You can roast them or have them raw. They are an excellent source of plant based protein, about a quarter cup contains four grams of fiber (a nutrient most are lacking, leading to constipation), iron, calcium & just about everything you need to sustain yourself throughout the day. You should also eat it this time of year because it is in season & your body needs what’s in season.

Although we have come far, due to industrialization we are slowing stepping away from the agricultural genius our ancestors have cultivated through their trial & error.

Growing up I was told not to eat the seeds in watermelon because a watermelon would grow in my belly. Man do I wish I would’ve rebelled, watermelon seeds can give your hair & nails a healthy glow. With nutrients such as zinc, iron & fiber (the amount varies with the variety of watermelon) I wouldn’t mind a melon in my stomach. Cantaloupe & honeydew seeds have just about everything including vitamin B12! & K! Roasted cantaloupe seeds have been a snack in China for a while now & if you look at their track record, they appear rather healthy.

Avocado seeds are cool in the aspect that you can grow the seed without soil, you could have it sitting in water on your kitchen counter. Apple seeds on the other hand, contain amygdalin molecules which produces hydrogen cyanide once ingested. This is why consuming lots of apples seeds often causes stomach ache or even worse. You would need to finely chew & eat about 200 apple seeds in order to be in a life threatening status. If the seeds are ingested fully intact it will simply pass through your system leaving you unharmed. The same applies to cherry pits, peaches, plums & pears.

All in all we have a lot to learn about seeds. Although we have come far, due to industrialization we are slowing stepping away from the agricultural genius our ancestors have cultivated through their trial & error. Hopefully one day we can focus on the importance of the first step of life, who knows how far we can go.

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