The Sebi Diet: Confusion and Contradictions

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The Sebi Diet: Confusion and Contradictions

[cs_section id=”” class=” ” style=”margin: 0px; padding: 45px 0px; ” visibility=”” parallax=”false”][cs_row id=”” class=” ” style=”margin: 0px auto; padding: 0px; ” visibility=”” inner_container=”true” marginless_columns=”false” bg_color=””][cs_column id=”” class=”” style=”padding: 0px; ” bg_color=”” fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/1″][cs_text id=”” class=”” style=”” text_align=””]When I first went vegan several years ago I spent many hours researching, reading books, and watching lectures and documentaries trying to gather as much information as I could. A random person I talked to about my journey suggested I check out Dr. Sebi if I wanted to really know the truth about what we were eating. So I watched all his videos and became enamored with him because apparently he could cure any disease. He knew animal products were toxic, was an advocate of herbal medicine and was a powerful speaker. He convinced me that all his claims regarding foods were truth. So I began to promote him and all of his food teachings.

Dr. Sebi advocates eating a vegan diet and avoiding any hybrid food. He claims that any hybrid food is acidic and mucus forming. He claims that there is only one disease and it is mucus. He advocates to only eat from a food list he derived which is very limited and excludes many vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains.

He says carrots, celery, broccoli, potatoes, rice, aloe vera, wheat grass, spinach, lemons, cauliflower, turmeric, beets, peppermint, beans, garlic, all seedless fruits, most nuts, and any other hybrid food is acidic and poisonous to the body. He calls rice and beans hog food and not meant to be consumed by humans. He says spinach has the same nutritional value as eating paper. He claims that every hybrid plant is man made and acidic. He claims all hybrids have starch in them and that starch is poison. He says eating starch is literally like eating glue. He claims all heirloom natural plants which are made from nature and not man. He says these are what we should be eating and are alkaline. I honestly believed this and tried to stick to his diet.

As I slowly did more research on his claims I started seeing almost everything he said about certain hybrid plant based foods had no evidence to back it up. No studies. Nothing at all. I have heard many stories of people using many of these hybrid foods such as carrot juice or celery juice to heal themselves of many ailments. There are countless studies that show the benefits of many of these hybrid foods. What people also don’t realize is almost every banana, grape, orange, apple, and pear just to name a few foods is a hybrid. Just because a food is a hybrid doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad.


The problem I have with his claims is being vegan is hard enough. The food list is full of great foods. But to tell people many fruits and vegetables are toxic without any proof is actually bad for the movement. It makes people give up and think that eating healthy is too hard when everything is toxic and they revert to eating animals and junk food. We need to demand proof when we deal with anyone and not just blindly believe without evidence.

Dr. Sebi never went to school. Not even kindergarten but calls himself a doctor. He says he never read any books at all. Yet claims to understand every fruit and vegetable on earth and their origins. He claims to know if they are alkaline or acidic, without ever reading a book or performing any studies how is this possible?

One of the things that made me start to question Dr. Sebi and really opened my eyes was when I saw him speak in Brooklyn in November 2015. I was hoping to hear new information, perhaps more on healing herbs but instead he told the same stories I’ve read countless times on the internet. There was one thing that was different however, in his famous 2011 two hour lecture on YouTube he spoke on how good moringa was. I had never heard of it. I began buying it after researching more and it was clear how great it was nutritionally. Fast forward to the lecture I attended, in complete contradiction from all his previous talks, without any explanation or evidence he claimed moringa was now a poison hybrid not to be consumed. I soon noticed he commonly adds foods to his alkaline list that he previously said were acidic and removes other foods he originally stated were alkaline. For anyone trying to follow his diet it would be a nightmare.

Further research has led to uncovering many glaring red flags regarding Dr. Sebi’s work. His social media pages have said rice was plastic, so plastic is now grown on a plant and not made in a factory? They’ve said broccoli is laboratory made poison and had a release date just like an album or cd. This is just insane to me, broccoli sprouts are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and have countless studies that show they can help with treating cancer and many other ailments. Turmeric has also been proven to reverse many diseases. The health benefits of beets and lemons are endless. Aloe Vera has been used for many centuries in many cultures, it has countless medicinal properties externally and internally. The only orange your allowed to eat on his diet is a sour orange. So all other oranges are poison? The only tomatoes allowed are plum and cherry tomatoes. All other tomatoes are not be consumed.

He also says no amount of heat can destroy the nutrients in food when it’s been proven countless times that when you cook food certain enzymes and other nutrients are destroyed in the cooking process. He says carrots are poison but the Gerson therapy which has cured many people of cancer uses carrot juice. Jay Kordich the “juice man” cured his cancer with carrot juice. There are so many other claims that are just not adding up.

Rather than get caught up on gurus selling tons of supplements or special diets I think we should all focus on eating a whole foods plant based organic diet. The possibilities are endless. More fruits and veggies. Lots of greens juices and smoothies. Huge salads. Lots of herbs and herbal teas. Less oil. Less salt. (Even sea salt!!!) Less breads. No stimulants. No alcohol. Lots of water. More whole foods. No animal products. No GMOs. No white sugar. Less processed food. Support farmers markets. Grow your own food if you can. This should keep you nice and healthy.


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  1. Mr. Klean

    Excellent article, have also been frustrated w/ all the hybrid fruits & veggies! Thanks for clarifying things!

    1. Tanya M Baldwin

      Thank you, because Dr. Sebi had me convinced. I loved everything he proclaimed to be poisonous, but like you said… lots of fruits and vegetables, less processed, and lots of water. I don’t drink anything but water.. Thanks again!

    2. Bernice Aaron

      Dr. Sebi did not have to go to school because Mother Nature was his school. We did not come from hybrid foods but from Nature herself. Keep on earing foods that are not from the mother earth and see how long you will live and be full of Life!!!!

      1. KB

        How would you explain people who are healthy and lived to be older than Sebi wasn’t on his diet and are healthy/

      2. Mikiee369

        Cross pollination happens naturally through bees and butterflies and other insects that spread pollen so if we take two types of pollen form differant fruits or veg and cross them in nature isn’t it the same I don’t agree with what goes on in the labs but if it’s a natural hybrid I carn’t see the problem is if it can happen in nature it’s natural

    3. Jay

      This article sounds like a bunch of nonsense, but thanks for sharing your opinion I think I’ll go with dr. Sebi over your summarizations?

      1. Same here.. I’ll stick with Dr. Sebi but thanks for your info. And that’s why the industry killed him. They want to make money off us being sick. Doctors can’t make money off healthy people. Any natural holistic teacher who goes mainstream gets blackballed or killed. Kevin Trudeau was another natural speaker and they extorted him. I followed both of theses guys plans and rid myself of an illness. It works!

    4. Shawn

      You are full of shit and do not understand Sebi used FIELD RESEARCH not your euro centric bullshit

      1. Linda

        Field research is limited. He never did field research in Africa, Asia, The Middle East, Europe or many other places that have indigenous foods (as a start). He was an advocate for everything God made, God made the whole world. There are many indigenous foods and herbs he never discussed at all, so because he didn’t get around to them no one should consume them? No on is knocking his accomplishments, he did great work for many people but his work was limited to his own personal encounters, while the world is bigger than his personal encounters.

        1. You make absolute perfect sense & summarized exactly what I was intuitively feeling. We should ALL follow our intuition NOT gurus. Thank you Linda!

      2. Alexis

        It’s funny you claim he is lying or giving miss information but you can’t back up your claims? He was charged in Federal Court for saying these things and beat every charge soundly! How does this happen?

        Again when making a hybrid fruit what do you need in order for them to bind? Also Garlic is highly acidic! Pineapple are also. All he teaches is go back to nature for cures not lab made or made foods.

  2. Melissa Smith

    Thanks heaps for this article, i was getting so frustrated with the contradictions regarding sebi and its nice to know it wasn’t just me staring to question the information. I’m just trying to eat what I think is right for my body it’s a hard journey sometimes especially with so much misinformation out there. Thanks again ?

  3. biada

    He cured 90+ Aids, Cancer, Diabetic patients with his diet. How many have you cured with your BS diet and book learnings? ZERO.

    Nuff said.

    1. Mailor

      Exactly my problem with the article it whispers his achievements, the man had a child at 82 years old ffs

      1. Bernice Aaron

        Dr. Sebi’s truth about nature’s foods kept him virile even at age 82 with the help of the foods from Mother Nature that he taught and walked the walk. His court case that he WON attested to the facts that he practiced what he preached.

        1. Bernice Aaron

          Dr. Sebi didn’t go by claims but by FACTS !!!!!!

        2. Keith

          Have you ever read the official transcript from Sebi’s case? He told a lot of stories that contained some truth and a lot of hyperbole (exaggeration).

          Go read the actual court transcript, its online in a PDF format. The case had nothing to do with if his claims or curing people but if he was practicing medicine by diagnosing people. He won because people came to his clinic after they had been diagnosed by real doctors.

          Where are all these people he claimed to heal. I have yet to hear anyone claim they are one of the people who testified at his court case.

      2. Deanna

        Men can father children until the day they die. No special diet needed(Larry King, Hugh Hefner, Tony Randall)

    2. Ingrid Taylor

      Sebi knows how to cure people with the truth.

    3. Laila Belaroussi

      Touché ??

    4. Bee

      thank u!

    5. Bernice Aaron

      You are telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you in ALL.

    6. Quinn


    7. Joanna

      no need to be rude though, he is just stating his personal journey and frustrations and in a way it makes sense. It does seem like we are depriving ourselves of many nutrients and his info is correct about healing evidence on some of the restricted foods such as carrot juice, celery juice, turmeric, etc. Personally I felt the best when I juiced fresh celery and carrot juice every morning and ate all veggies and good stuff as he mentions. I feel deprived and frustrated on this diet.

  4. Nikkie

    I enjoyed reading your post but just to let you know, somthing that is labeled “organic” just means the fda could call it oraganic after 2-3 chemicals were removed in comparison to it originally having 14 or more etc. Oraganic food it’s chemical free it just follows the fda guidelines to call it oraganic.

    -A agricultural major graduate from UC Davis

    1. Juliana Lewis

      Thank you for your article sir,appreciate
      ii very much.

  5. Joe Blow

    Did you watch the trial he had where he won, proving his methods cured many, many diseases and ailments in a court of law?

    1. Lala83

      He could not prove he cured anything.

      1. Bernice Aaron

        Dr. Sebi proved his case and WON in court and brought many people with documentations that they were cured to court also.

    2. KT

      Exactly, he is self taught and it took reading to accomplish and understand what he needed to do to represent himself in court. So I don’t know why she thinks Alfredo Bowman aka Dr. Sebi didn’t read. He said he didn’t know all so you have to do some research on your own. Its a lot of information out there that can help you along the way, don’t just take his teachings and throw them out, just build on the knowledge. ~KT

    3. Dudley Placide Jr

      The article doesn’t dismiss Dr Sebi’s correctness on the natural foods that promote healing. It’s obvious that Dr. Sebi has proven himself. But what I think the article grapples with, is that what is also true is some hybrid foods have been used for healing also and shouldn’t be outright be dismissed. Dr. Sebi uses a non disclosed research laboratory to test his vegetables, fruits and herbs and based on their scientific data he would add it or subtract it. He had sent a batch of maple syrup to the lab and it came back with traces of a poison so he removed it from the list. My personal belief, I only follow God and no man., and if you’re trying to overcome a disease follow all Dr Sebi nutritional guide to a tee, otherwise a little hybrid foods into your vegan diet and exercise routine should be ok.

      1. Joanna


  6. Vbx

    Carrots and potatoes are poison. Especially the GMO carrots and carrots sprayed with shit loads of chemicals. Not sure how people cured themselves of cancer by drinking pesticides.

    1. Claude B Coleman

      Is organic celery bad for you

  7. T

    Thank you. Have you tried ph miracle??? So much better. An just now looking into this Dr. Sebi thing. Great read

  8. Michelle


  9. Just now reading this in 2019!!Great article!!! Adlene

    1. Kymberli

      FDA approved will kill you…

  10. Sam

    Plants have varying degrees of nutrition and mineral value. A starving plant does not offer us the same minerals as a healthy plant. My understanding is Dr. Sebi references “natural” plants as those receiving their adequate mineral balance. Plants found in nature, especially those which are thriving are likely rich in these necessary minerals. I also understand that when a native plant has been selected over and over by phenotype. Selective breeding completely changes the nutrient value compared to a natural version. The proportions of starch to minerals and to our body become way out of balance. There may be natural starch and our bodies even have natural elimination processes to address them. Dr. Sebi teaches to follow nature/God, and our bodies weren’t designed to consume genetically preferred plants, or genetically crossed, or even genetically modified plants. Eat at your own risk <3

  11. Very nicely put! Yes Dr. Sebi had some excellent points but it doesn’t mean he knew everything. Common sense and a little investigation into what we ‘ believe’ is all it takes. Cheers to plant based wholesome living!?

  12. Michael S

    Thanks for this. Been researching tonight too after hearing celery juice wasn’t good for you. I’ve been drinking it for 3 months and feel better than before ie more energy, more alert, thinner. De Sebi claims it’s a hazardous food but I can’t see anything else but positives about it. The internet is both a blessing and a curse. Thanks for this article once again, it’s helped clarify things.

    1. Nitin

      Sorry but it is hazardous indeed. I got to vomit violently once in 2005 and i forgot about it for years then again in 2012. Sorry vut i will never take celery again

    2. Dudley Placide Jr

      There are different modalities of healing, Dr Sebi had is and they’re many others. If you feel better from hybrid foods that’s great, it doesnt make Dr Sebi wrong. Some people can do well on certain hybrid foods based on their blood types and genes. Dr. Sebi methodology eliminates that guess work. Good luck, and stay healthy

  13. Bri

    He went to court though & beat all his cases for curing cancer. He might not be 100% true but he is no Fool.

  14. Kamal

    No one would ever say listen to Dr Sebi word for word. He admitted to stumbling on something, and that which he did caused the entire hipster gluten free movement. Thats it, starch and gluten – take it out of your diet. But the list and the diet plan, some of it is accurate, some of it is questionable. If you ask me European/Asian food and health research is confusing and contradictory also. But one thing they are very consistent with is supplying costly prescription pills for something.

  15. dvenergy

    insane to you? who are you? how many people say you saved their life? did you go to the supreme court of NY and come out unscathed? have you done the research on any food yourself or are you just quoting your opinion?

    1. Darcy Reynolds


    2. Nitin

      I have been a vegan for 22 years since 17th may 1997. I adopted dr sebi diet two months ago but then the wheatbelly diet really triggered me in the first instance. Im a a degree holder in chemistry since 1999 and ive adopted the approved foods blindly. Although i have had to stop eating outside hime, buying nothing cooked, no eating at social events , i find that my life is simpler, while everyone else think the contrary. It is my 2nd month, we’ll see the results in some years. As an alkali/acid logic behind his reasoning and the main point being iron / oxygen ligand theory, i know that this what i was taught in inorganic chemistry and now it makes sense. So he may not have a certificate but the scientific literature is already abundant to prove his reasoning right

  16. Curt

    Dr.Sebi never claimed to be a doctor nor was he vegan.GOD didn’t intend for man to tamper with nature this a violation.ALFREDO BOWMAN had research done on everything he spoke about.95%of the food you consume in the USA has been manipulated by industry.You have been trained to believe carrots are orange,that broccoli,cauliflower,beets and many others are indigenous to planet earth when infact they have been made by humans.Sebi spent hundreds of thousands backing his research.He didn’t believe or guess.He knew!

    1. Nitin


    2. Araceli

      Could i please get a link to this research you speak of. Thank you!

      1. Muriel Vinson

        PLEASE!! I’m over here like, where’s the research, the articles..?? Looking on Google scholar LOL

    3. John Davenport

      Never claimed to be a doctor but yet he adopted “Dr.” in his name. Sebi has good points but we must stop relying on 1 source of information

    4. Joanna

      so if your great grandparents were growing cabbage in their gardens in a small village in the mountains of northern Greece and eating raw garlic daily and living to be 100+ how can it be that these examples of hybrid and poisonous foods are bad for us?

  17. Darcy Reynolds

    Dr. Sebi can be heard saying that early on in his research he hadn’t discovered what he came to discover. He was very humble, yet took a very strong stand on what he came to learn about foods because of the long term affects they have on the body.

  18. Mike

    Good things are hard to follow But Dr sabi diet are easy and very nutritious!
    All the fruits and vegetables his advising us to eat are located here in Africa,so if your looking for the fruits and vegetables let me know ill be glad to export them to u!
    Long live our brother Dr Sabi!

    1. Rick

      Long live Alfredo Bowman ??✊??

  19. Anthony

    Based on what you have written, I think you forgot some key facts on Dr. Sebi’s claims. He was the only herbalist that went to court against the US federal court and won. This is on record, so why don’t you dig it up.
    You claim that carrot and broccoli are good, well where I came from in Africa people have not even heard of broccoli and carrot but they are some of the strongest people on Earth, both physically and mentally.
    My point is you can leave happily without eating broccoli or carrot, so why border?

    Another thing Dr. Sebi was warning against is garlic, I was also skeptical on this until I heard another doctor said garlic is literally a poison, so you better believe Dr. Sebi.

    Now let me give you my own first hand experience with the fruits you love, that Dr. Sebi warned against: I was afraid of developing a big tommy so I decided at one point to eat only mixed fruits for lunch, guess what happened my sugar level and uric acid went up at an alarming rate within just three months.

    In my opinion Dr. Sebi was not far from the truth. When you look at all the countries were hybrid foods are prevalent, their life span is never the best despite their wealth.

    You said you watched all of Dr. Sebi’s videos, but did you really understand all of what he said in the videos?

    You claimed that Dr. Sebi did not go to school, when in fact Dr. Sebi said he had to learn the language of a Biochemist so that he could communicate on level terms with his challengers. You miss that part?

    Also, if you were a good student of Dr. Sebi, then I at least would have expected you to understand the psyche of his reasoning.
    Let me tell you what I mean by starting with his two most powerful commandments:

    1. Thou shalt not eat flesh and blood, and
    2. Thou shalt not eat startch


    1. The first commandment of Dr. Sebi is the easiest to explain. If you have to run after your food, then nature did not intend for you to eat it. The largest and healthiest land mammal on earth, the elephant, doesn’t live on flesh and blood but can outlive humans even when it is subjected to the worst environmental conditions day in day out. And whilst the elephant is calm and calculated the meat eater the, lion, is always restless and always looking for prey.

    2. The second commandment is a little bit difficult to explain but let me try. First, Dr. Sebi didn’t say that all rice is bad, he specifically cleared wild rice as good for eating and a lot of other grains that I did not even know about. Do Dr. Sebi did not limit people from eating grains at all, he was against white rice, which science is just catching up with him on that now. In fact, check out the latest scientific report on white rice, sugar and a whole host of other things Dr. Sebi warned against.

    Racism, what do you think is causing it? Consumption of toxic foods. And which countries are mostly guilty of it? The hybrid infested ones. Do your research and let me know if you have a different view.

    What did Dr.Sebi say about starch? It will make you start thinking of a justifiable reason to kill yourself. Wow! That’s a big statement to make and I would let you figure that out.

    1. Araceli

      He only won this case because technically he was not actually diagnosing anyone with any type of illness and he was not prescribing any medication, not because he proved the he was healing people. Also on top of that they did file a civil suit against him and he settled on that one because he was not going to win and that’s public record as well . Not to discredit if this diet made people feel good, because clearly that would be the case if you’re eating healthy in general. Let’s just keep in mind that he really was charging people like crazy for his methods that I can’t seem to find any type of research on. Also another thing I don’t understand is why does he use the term electric foods? As far as I’m concerned food can conduct electricity but it does not contain electricity. I don’t know. I’m not convinced, I just spent the last hour researching this guy and I can’t find anything on research to back up his claims nor have I found someone that claims they were healed with proof so if someone can point me in that direction as well I would love to find a way to give credit to this man but it just sounds way to good to be true.

      1. Ankh

        What is electricity?

    2. Eve

      Tell it like it is, this is the best comment I’ve read this far

  20. Beverly Snider

    Can anyone tell me why “MAPLE SYRUP” was listed before he was killed?

    1. Nitin

      In fact maple syrup when extracted by natuves , it was done rightfully. The industries use formaldehyde when piercing the bark of the maple tree

  21. Nabar EGxZist

    First of all, he was talking about food the Original people of the planet should eat, not everbody. The people of Africa, with their diet that was not brought over from Africa when we were enslaved. Our African diet. Electric cell food therapy. These are the foods that were eaten in our region he was talking about not other people’s regions. Life breeds life, death breeds death. Electric cell food therapy for Our people, not everybody else’s.

    1. I am

      Well said, not for all people only aboriginals, hybrid foods for hybrid people, light skin to any other race are hybrid people.

  22. Rachel A. Hatter

    Exactyly Nabar EGxZIST – his teachings of electric food and the benefits of it is for African people, Melanin people. Our body composition is made up different and require certain foods for proper nourishment. White people can eat/drink certain stuff, but that same stuff will work against our bodies. This is where a lot of the confusion comes in at. I tell those people to follow the Medical Medium guy. He has their recipes for health. Hotep my brother….

  23. Mad in Texas

    Genesis 1:29(NIV) Then God said, I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. After man was made he is ascribed what he should eat, plants and trees that reproduce themselves by having a seed. The Creator knows his creation and knew Greed and Pride would have us in a society today producing seedless and hybrid foods. My thing is give me a choice don’t push “It’s all good” when it’s against the plan of God. Dr. Sebi has awaken us to “Truth” and that truth. We’ve been hog tied, hoodwinked, and I will go as far as to say having a spell cast on us because of this great magical manipulative deception we’ve been raised on for generations regarding the food we eat.

  24. Willie Gross

    I don’t think being a vegan is hard you just have a imagination. There are many recipes to improve the food. I think Dr. Sebi is real deal people die everyday from disease using pharmaceutical drugs we all know they don’t cure but harm. Dr. Sebi method is abulding block or fundamentals. There are plenty of herbalist even doctors like Dr. Morse hope I spell that right, but he even say that you should eat more fruit than anything. It all depends on you really it’s enough research out there that proves the words of Dr. Sebi is true. School don’t make you smart that’s God given and body can learn in a class room, but really experience been in as they say the field is were the real knowledge at and that’s what he did from the Americas to Africa he learn from people who been dealing with these herbs and fruit for generations.

  25. Makailah

    I think we should definitely be more frustrated with the government and the food companies that are tampering with our food. They need to just leave it alone and give us the food that we are suppose to eat. No GMO’s, no lab hybridization, no altercations, just God-made foods; untamperd by man.

  26. Tony Williams

    The reason why Dr. Sebi constantly updated his list is because the way foods are being made has changed over the course of his studies. Certain foods that were approved before are now compromised of it’s natural makeup, which is no longer acceptable. Also, Sebi’s teachings were specifically for melinated people only.

  27. Miguel M

    I had the same problem. while watching one of his videos on youtube where he puts aloe-vera along with sugar. and he says that is man made. I respect his teachings and many of the things he said are true. but this one crossed the line. I mean aloe-vera is part of the family aloe and there are more than 500 species of aloe and he says that this miraculous plant is man made? no way that was just to make to take cuz I have witness my self how this plant helped my aunt with her Chemotherapy. This is God’s plant with infinity uses.

    1. K

      In my country aloe is a natural plant – and is said to be extinct. I have been asking about it in groups on fb but sadly my questions don’t get posted. We do a lot with aloe –

  28. Jackie M

    Herbal Beauty. Helo everyone.
    Dr Sebi was a wake up call to all, its hard to except the truth from a simple man without money and fame of course. I have been following Dr Sebi for the past 10 years now, the truth is alway supressed and lies are always on top of the list. im an herbalist my self when i was in holistic school they were always making sure to teach us to follow the FDA, PHARMACUTICAL CO or the medical society redulation on what they want us not to say so the truth was suppressed as i said, so when Dr Sebie put his life in jeopardy he took a bullet for all of us to come out, be bold for the truth. Hes more real then any doctor, scientist, or chemist with degrees. And if he made money on selling his product that helped other to heal then he deserves it. RIP

  29. Anyssia

    Sir, life is a choice. Eating healthy is hard cause everything has been modified by human and dr Sebi is right.
    You can check Seignalet diet it is a french doctor that” went to school”. He recommend to avoid almost every hybrid food that too far from its original nature. He didn’t go as far as Sebi cause of the the psychological effect. Not being able to go to restaurant….
    People have to know the truth and choose if they want what fit them.
    I love bread but i have to avoid it now cause wheat is forbiden by Seignalet

  30. Jay

    Dr. Sebi always dropped knowledge and spoke truth so if you don’t like the truth keep on eating your same toxic poisonous diets and 30- 40 years from now You’ll wish you were on a dr. Sebi diet?

    1. Nitin

      This year i adopted the dr sebi diet since 2nd april 2019. Today after 4 months, im going to modify it to 90% instead of the 100% . I believe that we keep on learning . Relying solely on the recommended list leaves me with a feeling of having missed something. Illl definitely remain a vegan, avoid gmos,canned and processed food, go by his list up to 90% but will include buckwheat, sorghum, and other millets channa daal, and drink water placed in earthenware for 8 hours. because spring water is too costly. I use agave instead of cane sugar now,pineapples will never come back in my life, nor will white rice,sweet potatoes, cassava,modern wheat. But i believe im on the right path. Why shouldnt organic maple syrup be included?

  31. Theresa Sweetmochatee Kelly


  32. Alexis Willis

    Its realy sad when a man trying to help the world and heal people and you see articles like this .. really a damn shame . When he was actually healing people and you still find something to pick at 🙄

  33. Skrong

    The writer is an idiot. You base all of your knowledge off what you’ve read on the internet and how you speak of mr. Bowman is disgusting.
    Hey everyone reading this, if you can learn self discipline and follow the diet you will see, give it 7 months you will not be the same. I am living proof, I was urinating blood and having tests done, I cured myself following Mr. Alfredo Bowman’s teachings I followed the diet for 4 months and no meds, I’m doing great now, I cheat with some foods every now and then but I am a Dr, Sebi activist there’s no bullshit, just follow the fucking diet and quit your bitching. He said himself he was not a doctor, however he did in fact heal and cure people, unlike actual doctors who just experiment with you.
    Do you really think the information you desire to see would be anywhere since Alfredo bowman passed away in jail due to being forced to eat prison food? The answer is no, they told him to be quiet and he would not, so they got rid of him.

    Don’t listen to this fool he’s just Doing his job, trying to get paid as a writer.

  34. Shaun

    You can tell that Dr. Sebi’s followers are a cult of mind by the way people are responding like its heresy and the man is almost like a God. The writer here has legitimate concerns and people are acting like you cant dare question Dr. Sebi.

    1. JoBo

      thats what i was trying to say as well

  35. Pat

    This has nothing to do with cult its about the truth and only the truth shall set us free, people has freedom of choice and if they choose to eat the way the Creator had intended for us to eat so be it Dr Sebi was just a voice from God to remind us but we have a responsibility to our bodies to feed and eat the right thing . Man has made this impossible by interfering with nature. Remember not everything put on earth is for human consumption
    we need to be wise and this man opened our eyes after being hypnotized by these these killers.

  36. Hugo

    He never called “himself” DR, the people did. Get your facts straight, I saw many of his interviews in Spanish and he never claimed to be the smartest one in fact he said he was one of the dumbest ones but that he did his research on what he knew and had proven in The Superior Court of Law that he is a healer through electric cell food. He said imagine if everyone woke up and did their own research?

  37. rob

    I think I need to follow Dr Sebi’s advice. And study it personally on myself. I am already a vegetarian, just not a good one presently. Dr Sebi can fix this for me. Mrs Ellen White wrote much about healthy food, in her time, but not all truth is revealed by GOD all at once. We need to remember the laws of limiting factors. Our biggest healer is our immune system, so we need to stress less. Exercise, Nutrition, supporting God and supporting your family community were found to be all good factors in a higher quality of living. Patricia Scragg has some interesting points on eating all organic minerals. I have been doing this many months now. My wife gets heart flutters because she doesn’t eat enough organic minerals. Wilhelm Reich who also died from prison doing cure on cancer, wrote much about orgone energy and the electric nature of the body. We need a holistic approach to combine all these good ideas from blessed people together. Shalom and good living.

  38. Arjuna

    Thankyou for the article Jesse!
    I am doing my research about dr Sebi and I have a dream to build a great company in fastfood witch is focused on his ingredient’s.
    I would like to share some ideas and hear more about your experiences. If you are open minded and could make some time I would be pleased.

    You could reply by fb to me as Arjuna van Vorselen (The Netherlands, Amsterdam)


    Arjuna van Vorselen

  39. Future herbalist

    You can’t find much about him because he was a threat and most likely scrubbed a lot of his info away. At the end of the day. He was healing people and using the term cured which you can’t say on anything. The list is small because Americans don’t grow much of different native plants around the world. There are many native foods that WE DONT SEE in America because it requires different weather. Soursop. Does anyone know the benefits and even what fruit it looks like. Very expensive but cross the border to Mexico and the tea leaves and fruit/ drinks ARE EVERYWHERE. Is actually really amazing in curing cancer hence MAYBE why it’s not grown as much here. America’s food is shit. And he had the basics of what AMERICANS had access too. If you know in America you NEED credentials. In other countries (varies) if your a healer and HAVE RESULTS the people called you by whatever they wanted to term you by. You don’t need credentials to practice yoga or reiki in Asia for example and same goes for everything else. PEOPLE GO OFF TRUST AND RESULTS THEY DONT GO OFF CREDENTIALS WHICH IS SO FUCKING AMERICAN. A shaman cannot be called a shaman unless the PEOPLE call him one. The PEOPLE called him DR. Not himself. He always said he never went to school to be a doctor. If you know his past he was sick and a MEXICAN herbalist helped him out in part of his journey which resulted in him QUESTIONING how he ate. What he ate. The list is longer in Africa obviously WHERE THERES MORE VARIETY. There’s so much herbs in China THAT WE DONT USE OUT HERE. At the end of the day people forget we are energy and our DNA can change just by our thoughts. EPIGENETICS. Research that! So if we feel good …. our body has the ability to heal with just thought so of course plants are better than processed fried foods that HAVE NO VALUE. Meat in America is completely different than other countries. The animals are just as sick. Hence why other cultures can eat it and be fine!!! They actually take care of the animal before it’s slaughtered. They are more conscious than we Americans. IF YOU CHANGE THE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE OF THE PLANT AND YOU CONSUME IT THAT ALONE CHANGES YOUR DNA. Again if thoughts ALONE can do it. “We are what we eat” HE DOESNT SAY POISONOUS HE JUST SAYS ACIDIC and mucus forming. I suggest people always do their research and it’s okay if you don’t resonate but don’t be manipulated by real facts over opinions. It’s common sense if you understand (the cell) ph levels of the blood. The fact that cancer thrives in acidic and sugar environments. FDA bans herbs all the time that are very beneficial. NON OF YOU EVEN MENTIONED INTERMITTENT FASTING that he also involved in his work. Which has been around for so long IN OTHER CULTURES ESPECIALLY IN ASIA. Are You gonna downplay thousand of years of fasting. Non of you mentioned that the body needs 102 minerals to regenerate itself and you can get that from burdock root, water cress, yellow dock, nettle and Irish Sea moss WHICH HE TALKED ABOUT.
    JUST A FEW not even all the sources. He spoke about chemical minerals our body can’t even digest and WHERE TO FIND THE PLANT SOURCES. Yalll against Dr. Sebi are going off opinions and Not even trying to understand EVERY ASPECT/PERSPECTIVES.
    IN AMERICA ITS BUILT FOR YOU TO FAIL. That’s why we are the fattest but sickest. I understand the frustration in American to just eat healthy. We allow so much shit that’s banned in many other countries. We have so much lobbying about the truth. Heavy Censorship. Don’t forget that either. Left eye Lopez was sick and had herpes she NEVER even told sebi about and she also FASTED. In turn curing her of her “dis-eases” your gonna call that bullshit too. If you need a person that was healed from sebi check out brother_polight on Instagram. There’s many others YOUR JUST NOT LOOKING. Julian assange KNOW WHO THAT IS?!! He was a journalist leaking files of corrupt governments and he’s in jail as I type this for showing the truth or how else would you know about HILLARYS EMAILS ETC. DUH HES A THREAT. Why do you think they still took sebi to jail even after he PROVED he was only using herbs from nature. WHY WAS HE STILL JAILED? Are y’all even questioning that 😂 take into consideration America is behind in every aspect except the military lol learn how to research and who sponsors the article. Last thing after he died THEY TOOK OVER HIS PRODUCTS and website. Did you know that Making them expensive and not even what they claim to aid in. Even advocates of Sebis recommend to not shop there. His wife was the one spreading the truth after They corrupted his shit so people like you would fall into the trap that’s it’s a scam. I did not even read nothing really discussing controversial topics of him except the same bullshit that he wasn’t a real doctor and never went to school and he was wish washy. WHERE IS THE REAL TOPICs OF DISCUSSION HERE. The only ones that had some valid points were ones who understand how the diet worked. You don’t need to be fully alkaline unless I FEEL (opinion) you are very sick and need to DETOX THE BODY and get rid of the diseases. Fasting ALONE with the same 5 herbs I listed above can heal the body because you ARE STILL GETTING THE MINERALS. Common sense people connect the dots. And PLEASE do research on fasting such bullshit with that everything is always westernized for us to fail. Understand YOUR BODY CLOCK not others. Find what works for you!!!!!!

  40. Ibifubara

    I tag him “The Doctor” cos no other doctor there is

  41. Sorry, who are you to discredit Dr Sebi? what studies have you done? and who do you represent? we have seen on recent documentary’s that the companies throw out conflicting information to discredit or confuse many of these issues…. have you tested the acidity levels of the hybrid foods he claims are not good for us, what benefit other than helping people and enjoying his life did he derive from sharing his years of study and research ive been studying these very subjects, hybrid value, GMO, poison circle, Gov – Dairy – meat companies information fact sheets, collaborations…its disgusting how difficult it is to discern the truth about what and how we are informed about what we eat….go back to before supermarkets, dairy and meat production, and that is where you will find the better side of human nutrition, you stink of misinformation in the guise of clarity….what do you do? who do you work for….so much to say but nothing about yourself.

  42. August P.


    Not trying to sound prejudice, but I expect a caucasian guy as yourself and many other pale faces to knock his claim..even though the proof was outstandingly proven..

    One important factor that this whack article lacks is the fact that DR.SEBI speaking to his people me being included. My people are the sickest in this western society in all fields of life. So, DR.SEBI is in the business of saving lives and not produce some bullshyt philosophy.

  43. mehul

    Dr Sebi cured cancer, type two harpies and HIV. No offense to this article but all I see is a person trying to enjoy best of both words and blindly convince themselves that they can eat more. Dr sebi cured people yet this article basically does jack sh*t for people. Believe what you want and try and make yourself feel better by accepting foods approved by the FDA or MHRA AKA pharmaceutical gang. you will end up a customer to them 🙂 best wishes

  44. No mucus diet

    Boy get yo uglass on somewhere and do some research!! Lol

  45. Sheress belton

    I completely understand my mom who is 80 no medical issues and walks everyday in her right mind not over weight and looks much younger is a pescatarian and does not follow the alkaline diet and my dad who eats meat they are both conscious I agree with eating the best food for good health but u do realize we are all going to leave this realm no matter what u eat my goal is not to suffer at the hands of western medicine and I know energy never dies and I will not be reincarnated back to this hell on earth if I’m correct he is no longer here right there are a lot of people who are still here much older the. Him and on good health follow those people lives be we all gonna leave one way or another .

  46. Ali

    This article is dogshit

  47. It seems to me many people are still confuse and want to take the easy route by trashing dr. Sebi’s work. If you want to go back to eating everything, then go head. If you do not understands the philosophy of the teachings, then state so. Remember, Dr. Sebi’s greatest work was informing people about Gene food consistency.

  48. Geronimo.

    Greetings. Everything is not for everyone . We all are from a proplasma germs. The Human body is made up of 18 elements. 15 of those elements is found in Seamoss. Seamoss also contains 60 to 90 Minerals. Every element on earth is found in the ocean. Except for oxygen. The missing 3.elements is Iron, lithium, and (manganese. Maybe about 0.02mg)The body will not be properly repaired from something it is not made of. Bottom line. If your body is missing elements or mineral. Replace them and problem solve. Good knowledge soon come.

  49. Kam

    Thank you for doing the work. There is a lot of good information here. Dr. Sebi subscribed a great diet, and any one who follows will be doing the world and themselves an awesome service. Dr. Sebi’s family addresses the conspiracy of his death. They share that their was “no foul play.” I love Dr. Sebi, and I still seek out his information, but I don’t deny what is truth, especially when it is backed by science. People have to realize scientist only care about the truth. Science is not the food table we learn in school and receive from the government, that’s propaganda for the food industry. Their is no evidence that Dr. Sebi lived any better or would have lived any longer than any other person eating a health vegan food. It would be nice if Dr. Sebi’s diet caught on fire and started to change the world philosophy on eating, but their is no evidence that was happening. Their was no true revolution. People may have felt the revolution in themselves, but no true revolution of the people. He wasn’t stopping big pharma from producing drugs and making money off of AIDS, cancer or any other drug. Because it would take the people to subscribe to his diet to create the revolution, I can’t subscribe to the conspiracies. I love Dr. Sebi, believe in his philosophy, but I won’t deny science and facts.

    Thanks for sharing what you have learned.

    My best to you,


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