How Overeating Leads to Colon Cancer

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It’s all about the gut-brain axis…your gut carries the majority of your immune cells and serotonin neurotransmitters. Food quite literally controls our brains and moods.

A new study published in the Cancer Research journal finally answers the link between obesity and colon cancer. Doctors have noted for years that colon cancer sufferers often have decreased dietary fiber, increased carbohydrate consumption and are usually over their normal BMI. What was the link?

The study showed that a high calorie diet turns off a key hormone in the intestine called Guanylin. That eventually leads to deactivation of a pathway that suppresses tumor growth, allowing colon tumors to grow unchecked. Mixed with a world where narcotics are the answer to pains rather than getting to the root cause, it’s no wonder colon cancer is so prevalent. Narcotics slow down bowel movements, keeping toxic food and bacterial waste instead the colon where its absorbed into the bloodstream. We overeat due to emotional pain, which eventually leads to physical pain. All is connected. Our mind, body and spirit should be interconnected and each balanced.

The hormone, Guanylin is produced in the intestine’s epithelium or goblet cells, which are the cells lining the organ. It is replaced continuously and is ever changing based on our needs.
In colorectal cancers, it is common for the guanylin gene to be deactivated. In fact, patients considered morbidly obese (now common is the US), have a 80% decrease in the gene that expresses guanylin compared to people who are fit. The scientists found that guanylin’s receptor acts as a growth-checking tumor suppressor. Without that hormone, the receptor is shut off. Tumor growth occurs more unchecked.

Here’s the best part about this science. We all know the connection between the scientific community like pharmaceutical giants, medical schools and big AG like Monsanto/Dupont. They are providing the problem (sick food) and then kindly giving us their solution. Here’s an example. “Researchers found that the new pill Linaclotide – which is structurally related to the lost hormone – could be used as a therapeutic approach to preventing colorectal cancer in obesepatients.

Stop giving us sick food & chemicals, making us work 60 hours a week to live so the only convenience is fast food & some of us can’t afford health food. There’s no education about true nutrition in school and rarely does one know what foods heal. See through the veil. Eat for your health and avoid the world they are trying to create which will only lead to chronic disease and a world of pills. You can be your own best doctor.


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