Let Food Be Thy Medicine…Dog Food, Too!

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My dog, Oliver, who happens to be the cutest dog in the world…in my humble opinion, was having some issues.  He is a Long Haired Chihuahua and eleven years old.  A double whammy in the dog world because full bred dogs are known for being sensitive and he is getting long in the tooth (older).

He was having some skin issues like itching and red spots, scratching himself raw and he just seemed agitated.  Also, he was limping on his back left leg.  The vet put him on antibiotics twice and the problem went away each time… temporarily.

I took him to a different vet who said it might be allergies.  I had a sense that the lamb kibble he was eating might be the culprit, so when the vet concurred and suggested an allergy blood panel I said, “Let’s do it!”  That is, until she told me the price.  Close to $400 with the visit that day.

My darling and intelligent daughter, Olivia has been encouraging me to try a raw food diet for our pets.  She feeds her cat completely raw and he is very slim and healthy.  Oliver had been eating half raw; meaning one of his two meals was a dehydrated raw dog food.  So, I took the plunge and put him on completely raw and added in Glucosamine for his hobble.  One week later, his itchy skin is gone, he is literally smiling, going for walks and not scratching himself raw. And, he loves the raw food!

I am a Holistic Health Coach and I teach my clients to eat Real, Whole, Healthy foods.  I learned a valuable lesson in the fact that our animal friends are sensitive just like some of us are.  Olivia learned a lot about animal nutrition working at Mud Bay, and has been educating me, the Health Coach for a while.  I am so happy I listened to her and to myself.  Oliver is well and happy, which is what I deem the two most important things people (and animals) really want…to be well and Happy!

We are all on our own journeys and mine is a Happiness Quest!  How good can we stand it?

Read more about my thoughts on the importance of food in my recently published book, Real Food: The Ultimate MedicineHappiness: The Natural Side Effect.


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