Let Food Be My Medicine

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What if the cure for all chronic diseases that plague our world was already here? What if the cure for everything has always been here? Is it possible that the plants that populate our planet are here for more than an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide? So many questions, so early in the morning! I have had the sad opportunity to watch someone very close to me die slowly of cancer. That was 10 years ago, and I miss her every day. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, radiation treatments, rounds and rounds of chemotherapy and the cancer came back. Again and again and again. The second time it came back as ovarian cancer. Hysterectomy, radiation, chemo. This went on for eleven years. Meanwhile, she was doing her best to give her only son, who was two years old at the time of the first diagnosis, a life full of memories because she knew on a deep level that she would not survive this. How does anyone survive radiation and chemotherapy? A good question, and yet, people do survive.

But, what if there is another way to cure chronic illness? What if people who are diagnosed with cancer didn’t have to go through the HELL of radiation and chemotherapy? I believe there is another way.

“I am convinced that this really is the cure for all of the Dis-Ease that plagues our planet. “


Dr. Max Gerson

I think on a deep subconscious, soul level we all know there is another way. People have been doing it since the beginning of time with plant medicine. A great example is Dr. Max Gerson. 80 years ago in Germany Dr. Gerson discovered that he could cure most any chronic disease with his food as medicine protocol.

The Gerson Therapy.
The Gerson Clinic has been curing Cancer, Heart Disease, Crones Disease, Migraine headaches, Type 2 Diabetes, Systemic Inflammation, Depression…the list goes on and on, for 80 years. The protocol is very strict and precise. A vegan diet, 13 fresh juices every day, coffee breaks (enema), sunshine and lots of rest. It is not easy. A person who is sick could not do this on their own, especially at first. In the first week or two people often feel worse, but not chemotherapy kind of worse. Detoxing kind of worse. After the initial detox people usually feel better than they ever have in their life! The body is being detoxed and then completely nourished, all day every day.

I have been supporting my friend, Paula for the past week on the Gerson Therapy. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer, had a hysterectomy and is recovering very well! In the time between her surgery and when she sees her surgeon to hear what she recommends for treatment, Paula has been on the Gerson Therapy. It is a lot of work! We have spent all day basically preparing food, juicing, coffee breaks (she takes care of that!), cleaning up, and talking, processing what we are doing. The good news is I love talking about food, experimenting with foods, and taking care of people. So, Paula came to the right place!

The more I research, read and watch documentaries about the power of vegetables and fruits, the more I am convinced that this really is the cure for all of the Dis-Ease that plagues our planet. I believe the plants that grow so naturally here on planet Earth were intended to heal whatever ails us. We have abused our planet in so many ways and we have also abused ourselves. When we eat artificial, chemicalized junk food-like substances that is self-abuse. And then the next step is people often get sick. I am so grateful for the time and knowledge to be able to support my dear friend on this journey. It is her choice and I am here to support her. She does not look nor act like someone with cancer. She is glowing, light and happy! There is another way!

Read more about my thoughts on the importance of food in my recently published book, Real Food: The Ultimate MedicineHappiness: The Natural Side Effect.


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