The Deception of the Cancer Industry

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So we all know that the medical system is broken. It is absolutely a scam. Completely broken. Hospitals are businesses used to make money off of you. The faster the turn around rate with admissions and discharges, the more money the 1% make. They work doctors like dogs, control then and persuade them that their way is correct and erode them to a keyboard-punching, brainless pawn. It is now the hippocritic oath, not the hippocratic oath.  The system is doing harm to patients. It is always March for cure, but never a march for the cause. The real cause. A pill doesn’t fix gluttony, sloth, self loathing, or misguided behaviors. You must change your life. You must be accountable for your health. The elite have watched what humans love and given us more and more of it until we are driving ourselves by ego alone. More candy! More pills! More clothes, computers, phones! This is detrimental to us and our health. What we think is good for us, tastes good or appears safe or fun is absolutely what they have taken advantage of and exploited….to our blind demise. They have told us that most all diseases are genetic and… Viola!!! They can be fixed with regular hospital or doctor visits and pills. Can you see the dollar signs yet? Sure some great docs see the truth and encourage lifestyle changes, but the true nirvana only comes when the human consciousness reaches a threshold. The information will spread like wildfire. Do you see it?! The answer is not a pill. It is not a cleanse or detox or a materialistic….anything! What is needed is a complete upheaval of thinking. Quite literally, we need a revolution in consciousness. 

Why do I say this? The medical industry continues to plow forward, irrespective of its patients’ lives, coming up with unsafe therapies that tie in closely to biotech companies. In fact, 80% of all published scientific studies are funded by big pharma and biotechnology companies. They attempt to replicate nature and to make profits while doing so. The true “cures” are suppressed in lieu of profit. Every now and then, a bright new independent study comes through to shine a glimmer of light on the truth that the industry tries desperately to hide.

But yet, the masses are alerted that something is amiss. We have all the technology, increasing knowledge, civilized techniques and “science” at our fingertips but people are sicker. Autoimmune diseases, ADHD, depression, anxiety, obesity, thyroid disorders, gut issues and autism are skyrocketing. If we have more knowledge and supposed wisdom, then why are no cures being offered? EVER. Why is the “cure” a pill or injection that has a whole host of unwanted and serious side effects? Don’t worry there’s a pill for most of them too. See how this is working? Until the masses decide to read, educate themselves, and to not take others’ word at face value until they investigate, then they will continue to be chronically ill. They will barely miss the mark. They will know in the air that something isn’t right, yet their soul will be too afraid to take responsibility. We have been told since day one that we are ugly, imperfect sinners. It simply is not true. You have been fooled. You are so innocent you trust our superiors blindly. It is like an innocent, trusting child. You are a remarkable being with great powers and attributes. Your EMF spectrum exudes ten feet from your heart! That is magic, folks. 

What do I want you to know about the medical industry? Well let’s finally get into it. Lately the American Cancer Society and friends have boasted in mainstream media that cancer diagnoses are decreasing due to better screening processes. What does this boil down to? Why, money of course. Anytime you go to see a doctor, get a test or procedure done, it is billed and money is made off of this. Can you imagine the profit to be plundered if the industry could convince younger people that they needed screened for cancer? And if they did get screened and an abnormality found, why that is even more bank for the industry, big pharma, insurance companies and biotech companies. It all sounds ethical, until I tell you that many of these diagnoses caused great upheaval and loss of quality of life for patients. Many of these diagnoses would never have led to mortality. In fact, many of these diagnoses lead to procedures and further testing which harms the patient more than helping. 

Until the masses decide to read, educate themselves, and to not take others’ word at face value until they investigate, then they will continue to be chronically ill.Dr. J

Here is where CBS, ABC, word science news are getting their info on cancer: “The report, published in the journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, is based on the most recent data from the National Cancer Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and mortality figures from the National Center for Health Statistics.”

 It states that cancer has fallen 22% and saved millions of lives, mostly attributed to early screenings. However, the report is misleading as most cancers are likely falling due to increasing awareness of real cures and alternative treatments as well as the decrease in smoking. Per the report, “The number of cancer survivors continues to increase due to the aging and growth of the population and improvements in early detection and treatment.

I want you to know that they consider a patient a “cancer survivor” after only five years. This is usually when aggressive cancers return if drastic lifestyle changes are not made. Chemotherapy-the use of toxic chemicals to kill rogue cells- has an overall abysmal success rate-2-5%. Each cancer is different and some do NOT respond to chemo, although the industry will still be quite aggressive about pushing the therapy. Does this sound like “do no harm?” If they truly wanted to heal, wouldn’t they break ties with unethical too-big-to-fail biotech and pharmaceutical companies? Wouldn’t they tell women to not use deodorant filled with parabens and aluminum? Wouldn’t they eliminate boost, ensure, GMO and Coca-Cola from the hospital cafeterias? Wouldn’t they tell KFC, who causes cancer, to get the hell out when they asked to pink wash their extra crispy bucket?  Wouldn’t they want to find safe medicines for people that don’t put them at risk for other terrible conditions? Disheartening to say the least. 

The cancer industry has made mandatory health screenings for patients and doctors now commonplace. I’m not saying this is always bad, however their motive is profit based, which is just wrong. Not every patient is the same and sometimes routine screenings can cause more fear, worry and poor quality of life, rather than improve it. 

For example, prostate screenings with a PSA (prostate specific antigen blood test) and digital rectal exam are standard for every man 50 years old and recommended even early if there is a family history of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, behind skin cancers. What’s even worse, PSA is a terrible screening test. It has many many false positives due to benign prostatic hypertrophy (benign), urinary tract infections, prostatitis, recent sexual activity or even bike riding! This early screening has left many men with impotence, erectile dysfunction, urinalysis incontinence, pain, and infection after multiple puncture wounds are put in their prostate. This is because many patients are referred for biopsy after one high PSA test or an abnormal rectal exam. With the PSA being so insensitive, many other tests or procedures should be employed before sending a patient under the knife or laser. This is a cancer that is extremely slow growing and would not usually cause a problem for most older men. Prostate cancer kills approx 2.8% of the male population.. So as you can see, pushing early diagnoses and screenings are not always wise. 

Another example is breast cancer. Statistics now show that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. The industry pushes surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Yes they want to cut your boobs off. All huge money making schemes in the business and most do not survive because chemo works poorly on breast cancer. Why are cures not being pushed? Moreover, mammogram screening also can cause undue anxiety for an undeserved diagnosis. Many benign cysts and lumps are picked up this way. Then comes a biopsy complete with anesthesia, pills, profit and money for the industry. All could be avoided if true cures and healing methods were released to the public so that cancer wasn’t so rampant and therefore, required a screening process. You see, they have created the problem and magically provided a solution that benefits only them. Mammograms also expose younger and younger women to high levels of radiation. A study in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) in April 2014 revealed a startling fact about mammogram use.

The study found that mammograms did decrease a woman’s risk of dying from breast cancer by an average of 19 percent, however, the same amount—19 percent—of the cancers found and treated are actually not life-threatening and do not need to be treated. Of note, mammograms also miss 20-40% of cancers. From, “One of the most dramatic revelations of our time occurred last year when a National Cancer Institute commissioned expert panel concluded that so-called ‘early stage cancers’ such as DCIS are not cancer at all, but benign or indolent growths. This implies that millions of women were wrongly diagnosed with ‘breast cancer’ over the past 30 years, who would have been better off left undiagnosed and untreated.”

DCIS is ducal carcinoma in situ. It is a term coined recently by the medical industry to describe possible early breast changes that could lead to cancer. DCIS means there are abnormal rogue cells that are contained only in the milk duct and do not have the capacity to metastasize unless there is a genetic change or loss of regulation. Approximately 20% of DCIS can become cancerous.  However most do not and remain benign. They rarely if ever kill.

All of this comes on the heels of a Canadian study that concluded yearly mammograms do not reduce your risk of dying from breast cancer if you’re between the ages of 40 and 59. That study was published in the February 2014 issue of the British Journal of Medicine.

As you can see, lowering the age for screening likely increases the chances of undue anxiety, complications and hefty bills all for a diagnosis that likely would have never caused mortality or affected the patient’s life. Better confirmatory tests for prostate and breast cancers are surely needed. What is needed even more desperately, however, is the cause of the cancer. This is the holy grail that is being suppressed. Subjective testing to fit each patient’s needs and special circumstances would be a great innovation for the comatose medical industry.

P.S. Do not use deodorant with aluminum or parabens. Do not use makeup with parabens, sulfates, dyes and acetate. Look for all natural and organic! Eliminate white refined sugar crack from your diet. Eliminate genetically modified and processed food brought to you from those same biotech companies that give CANCER “cures.” They’re sprayed with pesticides and injected with E Coli DNA that can eventually genetically rearrange YOUR DNA. Eat whole foods and even make room for a raw diet sometimes. Exercise. Learn to be positive. These are the keys to real health. Where are the ethical DoctorsjQuery111302561708110390407_1450591491967?! Wake up!

P.S. This info is not intended to replace a serious and thoughtful conversation that the patient and his or her healthcare provider have about that decision. I’m not advocating that no one get screened. I’m saying each patient and their circumstance is different. I’m giving you tools to have all the right questions beforehand. Make sure you have more than one and penal PSA prior to running to a biopsy.


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