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 Let’s take a look at the most recent presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. During President Obama’s 2008 campaign, Obama promised the nation he would be a beacon of change. One of the changes demanded by the American people was for food transparency. The American people demanded the basic human right to know what was going into their food, where their food was coming from and how it effects their body as well as the environment. Rather than gaining transparency, we gained more secrecy and bills that only further crippled our current food system.

In Spring of 2013, Obama signed the “Farmer’s Assurance Provision (HR933)” – commonly referred to as the “Monsanto Protection Act”. In a nutshell, the Monsanto Protection Act deems no matter how harmful or how much devastation is caused by Monsanto’s unsafe and untested genetically modified crops, Monsanto will never be held liable. Yes, you read that correctly – the same man that during his campaign promised the people transparency and honesty, actually signed a bill into place protecting the very company transparency was demanded by. Many members of congress were unaware that the Monsanto Protection Act even existed before it was passed. They believed the bill HR933 they were voting on was aimed at adverting a governmental shutdown and ensuring the Federal Government had enough funds to pay their bills. Again, using a distraction to act in favor of special interest groups. But we can’t thank Obama just for the Monsanto Protection Act.

In 2010, Obama jumped on board with Monsanto again to provide “humanitarian effort” to increase the food supply in poverty stricken areas of Africa. The Southern Africa FY 2010 Implementation meant Monsanto was given American Governmental subsidies to expand into the African market, of which Monsanto hopes to gain control. Monsanto, paired with eugenics masters Bill & Melinda Gates, have pushed a failing corn crop on Africa (MON810) – which has been growing (unsuccessfully) in Africa for 15 years. The corporate duo are pushing the crop into Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya. Currently, only Tanzania has laws that allow Monsanto to be held accountable for damages that may arise by the use of MON810. As you can imagine, Monsanto is opposed to these laws. To date, Obama refuses to take any action against Monsanto or any of their affiliates, nor has he addressed the nation regarding the safety & sustainability of genetically modified organisms. However, I’m more than certain he enjoys his abundance of organically grown produce from Michelle’s White House garden.

Speaking of Michelle, Mrs. Obama has teamed up with Monsanto, spending $50 million over 5 years on a campaign to market “healthy” genetically modified foods to children. Although Michelle insists on keeping an organic garden in her current residence which she feeds her children, yet has no problem misinforming our children on the safety of GMOs. Her campaign dubbed “Let’s Move!” is an attempt to tackle childhood obesity, and although it is a novel cause, Michelle needs to focus on moving Monsanto out of congress.

If passed, the partnership will affect freedom of information, civil liberties and access to treatments globally.

At this current time, it is critically important to note President Obama is doing absolutely nothing (except aiding in fast-tracking) the passing of a potentially detrimental secret trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). If passed, the partnership will affect freedom of information, civil liberties and access to treatments globally. With this 77 page, 30,000 document agreement, there are significant industry-favoring additions that will likely affect access to important medicine and will also weaken the requirements needed to patent genes in plants (bio-piracy).

In turn, this agreement would only feed Monsanto and other large biotech companies while having an even greater negative impact on small farmers. Current TPP negotiators include the United States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam, New Zealand and Brunei. The TPP is currently being negotiated by an agency called the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

As history has proven itself before, the current USTR and former Dallas, TX mayor and former corporate lobbyist Ron Kirk is working with Michael Froman, Deputy Assistant to the President and deputy National Security Advisor for International Affairs. The TPP continues with the direction of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) set by Bill Clinton, which helped create the World Trade Organization and gave China permanent access to the US Market. In 1992, NAFTA was incredibly controversial and was argued it would offshore jobs to Mexico.

Today, the U.S has lost one out of every four manufacturing jobs that existed before NAFTA – over 5 million jobs lost with 42,000 factories closed. TPP will have a similar effect by essentially banning “Buy American” preferences in the procurement procedures. This may force the privatization of state-owned assets and the TPP would allow disputes to be removes from the American courts and remanded to international tribunals, run by corporate trade attorneys. The Trans-Pacific Partnership would also make access to medicines much more expensive in poorer countries as well as make access to vitamins, herbs and super-foods impossible.

Many also fear, the Trans-Pacific Partnership may be the conduit to the U.S. becoming even more dependent on China, a fear that was not actualized in 1992, when NAFTA was signed in. Perhaps the biggest threat inherent in the TPP would be the palpable notion of China controlling America’s industrial base is being completely ignored by our Government.

If you didn’t vote for Obama, don’t pat yourself on the back just yet for voting for Mitt Romney. Prior to his Presidential run, Mitt Romney owned Bain Capital, a corporate consulting firm who, you guessed it – welcomed Monsanto as one of its first major clients in 1977. During the 70’s & 80’s, Romney was a huge supporter of Monsanto’s shift into the bio-technical and bioengineering industry. After the public outcry surrounding Agent Orange, Romney suggested to focus on a business that has much less controversy – the shift would help reduce the negative press against Monsanto. It is heavily rumored Romney’s advice launched GMO production as a new industry. During his campaign, Romney was also involved in an “Agricultural Advisory” committee. His staff included lobbyists & politicians straight out of Big Agra.

  • Randy Russell – Top lobbyist for Monsanto.

  • Chuck Conner – Former leader of the Corner Refiners Association (the largest interest group for ethanol and corn syrup producers within the U.S.).

  • Chris Pollcinski – CEO of “Land-O-Lakes” and a party to the 2007 Alfalfa case in California.

  • Bill Even – Former head of the DuPont chemical “high-tech” seed division. Manages GMO seeds.

  • Tom Nesif – Leader of Western Growers Association. Has received thousands of Monsanto donations.

  • Tom Johanns – Senator of Nebraska who has received nearly $10,000 of campaign contributions from Monsanto and advocated in favor of blocking GMO labeling during the early 2000’s.

 The Democracy you were taught in History class is a hell of a lot different than the Democracy we currently live under. Money and greed (as well as foreign politics) have infiltrated our politicians, our judges, even our schools. It doesn’t matter if you voted for Obama or if you voted for Romney – the agenda is already set in place, regardless of the face in power. Without getting into too much detail or ending up on a national checklist somewhere, it isn’t personal opinion – but fact – that the American Government is comprised of a revolving door full of trained henchmen ready to do Monsanto’s bidding. The 2016 Presidential election won’t be any different; Hilary Clinton, who has ties to Rose Law Firm, as well as the dirty work done by her hubby, Bill. Which leaves Jeb Bush – and well, you know how this story goes. Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

Until then…love and light.

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