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Meet the Ingredient: Pumpkin

In Health, Nutrition by Eleni Simos, INHCLeave a Comment

Meet..PUMPKIN! Fall marks the time of year where everything and everyone becomes pumpkin-OBSESSED! The flavor, the ingredient can be found in just about anything from coffees, cereals, yogurts, milks..everything. While I tend to stay away from the artificially flavored pumpkin products, I am all for making the most out of the pumpkin as an ingredient during the fall months. *Check …

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The Dangers of Salad Dressing and How to Make Your Own

In Health by Jesse SoberalLeave a Comment

There’s nothing like a fresh delicious salad. There’s so many amazing combinations you can make using different leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and beans. Eating salads is a great way to expand your taste buds and often explore different flavors you never knew existed. Salads are an amazing way to incorporate living, raw foods into your diet which …

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Homegrown Probiotics

In Health by Joan Shields, RNLeave a Comment

Preserved organic vegetables offer wonderful probiotic support for gut health. The “gut” aka the digestive system consists of the small intestine (or small bowel) and the colon (or large intestine/large bowel) and is connected to health, illnesses/disease. The gut and intestines hold “bad” bacteria, microbes, parasites. Our “Good bacteria” will eat the bad and create a healthier immuno response. Antibiotics …