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5 Minute Purification Meditation

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Learning to concentrate, though initially difficult, works. Gradually, through repeated focus on our subject over hours and days, the mind’s wandering diminishes. It settles down and steadies itself on the subject of meditation. This process of developing concentration is described by Buddhist texts as “purification.” The term is not a religious or moral one, but an experience of release in …

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My Experience with Meditation

In Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness by Maria Molina, RPLeave a Comment

In this crazy world we live in, it’s almost impossible to find peace or time to quiet the mind.  Our brains are constantly being overstimulated with cell phones, computers, TV screens, negative environment etc.  Even upon bedtime it can still be a challenge quieting the mind and to fully embrace being in the present moment.  What if I told you …

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The Pesky Pests That Cause Disease: What You Can Do About It

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How Does an Acute Infection Produce a Chronic Problem? In the age of awakening, it seems everyone is finding their own personal truth about health and productive life changes. It is quite frustrating that often even with the strictest of GMO free, organic, gluten free, vegan or vegetarian diet, we are still unable to overcome some persistent health issues. Most …