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Increasing Environmental Concerns for Metro Areas

In Environment, Sustainability by Craig ScottLeave a Comment

You must have come across numerous instances of discussion and debates about the environmental concerns. Irrespective of your will to get engaged in discussion you find yourself surrounded and involved in these discussions. This can be knowingly or unknowingly as the discussion about this issues have become so common. You watch people complaining about exorbitantly high level of various types …

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Study Shows Kids Who Garden Eat Better as Adults

In Health, Wellness by Craig ScottLeave a Comment

If you thought that gardening with your kids only has short-term benefits, we are happy to inform you that it is not entirely true. Of course, you do notice an instant improvement. Like your child spending more time outside than in front of the computer, or the fact that he or she expresses interest in helping you out in the garden. …

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Chronic Inflammation: The Culprit To All Diseases

In Health by Katrina RiceLeave a Comment

There are a number of contributing factors to chronic inflammation. But the most common of all is the kind of diet we use. Typically, a standard American diet consists of unhealthy fatty foods that trigger pro-inflammatory compounds in our body. And because some of us tend to neglect our state of health, the lack of proper nutrients and antioxidants to …

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8 Ways You’re Exposed to Pesticides and What You can Do About it

In Health by Jessica Peatross, MDLeave a Comment

Unfortunately in today’s backwards world, truth is kept hidden from the masses who accept reasoning from authorities rather than doing their own research. Lies are truth, war is peace and enslavement is called freedom. We are told the accelerated vaccine schedule is for OUR health, we are told that pesticides keep the food clean and are good for pest control …

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What’s Really in Your Chewing Gum?

In Health by Edward JohnsonLeave a Comment

We all want to be attractive, this isn’t only attributed to mating but is an entirely social concept. Like all things in life it raises questions like to what extent should we go to attain fresh breath? & Have we grown lazy in our oral hygiene? Growing up certain adults told me not to chew gum or at least not …

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My Experience with Meditation

In Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness by Maria Molina, RPLeave a Comment

In this crazy world we live in, it’s almost impossible to find peace or time to quiet the mind.  Our brains are constantly being overstimulated with cell phones, computers, TV screens, negative environment etc.  Even upon bedtime it can still be a challenge quieting the mind and to fully embrace being in the present moment.  What if I told you …