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The Sebi Diet: Confusion and Contradictions

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Jesse Soberal

Jesse Soberal

Jesse Soberal is a vegan activist who was born and raised in New York City. He spent much of his youth like every other city kid playing sports, listening to Hip Hop music and eating lots of fatty meats and junk food.

Eventually in his 20's he developed health issues such and asthma, acid reflux and one doctor told him he had unhealthy sperm and might never have kids. Out of frustration he began researching on why he was so unhealthy. This lead to a slow but steady transformation to a healthier life style of plant based dieting and no processed food.

Jesse has now been a vegan for over 4 years and is a proud father of 2 healthy boys. His experience has lead him to spread awareness of the power of a plant based diet, animal cruelty, and environmental concerns. He is involved with many grass roots organizations striving to create change in NYC and can be reached on his Instagram page @vegantake0ver
Jesse Soberal

When I first went vegan several years ago I spent many hours researching, reading books, and watching lectures and documentaries trying to gather as much information as I could. A random person I talked to about my journey suggested I check out Dr. Sebi if I wanted to really know the truth about what we were eating. So I watched all his videos and became enamored with him because apparently he could cure any disease. He knew animal products were toxic, was an advocate of herbal medicine and was a powerful speaker. He convinced me that all his claims regarding foods were truth. So I began to promote him and all of his food teachings.

Dr. Sebi advocates eating a vegan diet and avoiding any hybrid food. He claims that any hybrid food is acidic and mucus forming. He claims that there is only one disease and it is mucus. He advocates to only eat from a food list he derived which is very limited and excludes many vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains.

He says carrots, celery, broccoli, potatoes, rice, aloe vera, wheat grass, spinach, lemons, cauliflower, turmeric, beets, peppermint, beans, garlic, all seedless fruits, most nuts, and any other hybrid food is acidic and poisonous to the body. He calls rice and beans hog food and not meant to be consumed by humans. He says spinach has the same nutritional value as eating paper. He claims that every hybrid plant is man made and acidic. He claims all hybrids have starch in them and that starch is poison. He says eating starch is literally like eating glue. He claims all heirloom natural plants which are made from nature and not man. He says these are what we should be eating and are alkaline. I honestly believed this and tried to stick to his diet.

As I slowly did more research on his claims I started seeing almost everything he said about certain hybrid plant based foods had no evidence to back it up. No studies. Nothing at all. I have heard many stories of people using many of these hybrid foods such as carrot juice or celery juice to heal themselves of many ailments. There are countless studies that show the benefits of many of these hybrid foods. What people also don’t realize is almost every banana, grape, orange, apple, and pear just to name a few foods is a hybrid. Just because a food is a hybrid doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad.


The problem I have with his claims is being vegan is hard enough. The food list is full of great foods. But to tell people many fruits and vegetables are toxic without any proof is actually bad for the movement. It makes people give up and think that eating healthy is too hard when everything is toxic and they revert to eating animals and junk food. We need to demand proof when we deal with anyone and not just blindly believe without evidence.

Dr. Sebi never went to school. Not even kindergarten but calls himself a doctor. He says he never read any books at all. Yet claims to understand every fruit and vegetable on earth and their origins. He claims to know if they are alkaline or acidic, without ever reading a book or performing any studies how is this possible?

One of the things that made me start to question Dr. Sebi and really opened my eyes was when I saw him speak in Brooklyn in November 2015. I was hoping to hear new information, perhaps more on healing herbs but instead he told the same stories I’ve read countless times on the internet. There was one thing that was different however, in his famous 2011 two hour lecture on YouTube he spoke on how good moringa was. I had never heard of it. I began buying it after researching more and it was clear how great it was nutritionally. Fast forward to the lecture I attended, in complete contradiction from all his previous talks, without any explanation or evidence he claimed moringa was now a poison hybrid not to be consumed. I soon noticed he commonly adds foods to his alkaline list that he previously said were acidic and removes other foods he originally stated were alkaline. For anyone trying to follow his diet it would be a nightmare.

Further research has led to uncovering many glaring red flags regarding Dr. Sebi’s work. His social media pages have said rice was plastic, so plastic is now grown on a plant and not made in a factory? They’ve said broccoli is laboratory made poison and had a release date just like an album or cd. This is just insane to me, broccoli sprouts are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and have countless studies that show they can help with treating cancer and many other ailments. Turmeric has also been proven to reverse many diseases. The health benefits of beets and lemons are endless. Aloe Vera has been used for many centuries in many cultures, it has countless medicinal properties externally and internally. The only orange your allowed to eat on his diet is a sour orange. So all other oranges are poison? The only tomatoes allowed are plum and cherry tomatoes. All other tomatoes are not be consumed.

He also says no amount of heat can destroy the nutrients in food when it’s been proven countless times that when you cook food certain enzymes and other nutrients are destroyed in the cooking process. He says carrots are poison but the Gerson therapy which has cured many people of cancer uses carrot juice. Jay Kordich the “juice man” cured his cancer with carrot juice. There are so many other claims that are just not adding up.

Rather than get caught up on gurus selling tons of supplements or special diets I think we should all focus on eating a whole foods plant based organic diet. The possibilities are endless. More fruits and veggies. Lots of greens juices and smoothies. Huge salads. Lots of herbs and herbal teas. Less oil. Less salt. (Even sea salt!!!) Less breads. No stimulants. No alcohol. Lots of water. More whole foods. No animal products. No GMOs. No white sugar. Less processed food. Support farmers markets. Grow your own food if you can. This should keep you nice and healthy.



  1. Excellent article, have also been frustrated w/ all the hybrid fruits & veggies! Thanks for clarifying things!

  2. I do agree that following his diet plan can be difficult. But some things I must mention, he must be doing something right and he must know something if he’s healing people. Before “modern science” people didn’t go to school and get degrees and do studies, they understood the land, something that has become a lost art, and maybe he has that gift.
    I think his main point is that “black” or “african people” have different dietary requirements to heal themselves and to live a healthy life. All people are not the same, and depending on where you come from and what your genetic predisposition is will play a role in how your body functions and reacts to foods that may be foreign you know. For example, the overwhelming majority of so called “black” people I know have negative reactions to dairy products, because the compounds in dairy are foreign to their bodies, unlike that of someone from European descent.

    Were all human but we are not all the same

  3. Lol, he read Arnold Ehrets book. He poorly coined all of his teachings from them. Arnold ehret introduced us to the ORGINAL mucus less diet healing system back in 1922. And also introduced us to the book/key to immortality via his other book entitled “Rational Fasting”. Research the wonderful man!! He has changed my life forever and the lives of several others. He had a real sanatorium and healed thousands of patients from several incurable a dis-eases. Happy transitioning everyone!

  4. What did Sebi have to say about the Maasai Tribe of Kenya and Tanzania? Nomadic cattle herders, meat eaters, milk and blood drinkers? Ancient African culture. Even practiced circumcision.

  5. there has been countless studies that have been done but no one has any evidence that they did what sebi has done. when you can do what he claim and have the evidence you can back it up with then you can throw stones. but until you can do what that man did you have little right to talk down about someone that has done so much great things.

    1. another thing what evidence that the gerson therapy works…. even sebi had to prove himself to the courts… where was this proven.

  6. Dr Sebi distinguishes between natural hybrids (which are good) and man-made hybrids which are bad. One can never know everything that is why Dr Sebi constantly researched and his food list changes due to the research, that just shows that he’s not ashamed to admit when he is wrong. Anyway, I wouldn’t trust that food list, since in the past, there has been legal tension between Dr Sebi and the business. We’re all on our own journey, thus upon this journey, one will stumble upon a truth applicable to him/her. An interesting article my friend. Continue on your path and discover your truths.

  7. Nice article. I have an open mind and love to listen to anyone who gives knowledge. I love a lot of what Sebi says but some of it us conflicting. Sometimes he makes reference to the bible but says no to apricots, fish ox, la.b and goat;foods in the body. Lemon, broccoli srouts, beets, cilantro, parsley, turmeric etc are weight and cancer fighters but Sebi says no; mind boggling.

  8. If he was white he would have been awarded a Nobel prize or something.

  9. I think Dr. Sebi was a great man and yes herbs is a large field and it’s hard to know everything. So best is to do your own research and eat as healthy you can, can’t avoid everything even if you grow your own food. I think tumeric and Aloe Vera are great plants a research also says that Aloe balance the ph-level, it’s the skin we should not consume. And yes black people body is so much different from whites and easier to get diabetes.

  10. This attack on Dr. Sebi seems to be a part of the many who wish to discredit him. Instead of discrediting him, continue on with your mucus diet and you piled up prescriptions that many are dependent on. He was doing something right, he was free of all of those ailments and has cured many people, which was proven in the Courts of law. You attack his education, which simply shows your malice toward him, you play good cop-bad cop in the beginning to make it appear as though you have no Ill will, which is apparent.

    Just move on and allow those of us who highly respect this man, who’s picture will hang in my home as one of the “WorldChangers” of ALL time. I’m certain Dr. Sebi’s work is being picked at and disected in order for the pharmaceutical and FDA to benefit or hide crime the people. They don’t want us well, they want us sick and themselves RIcH!

    1. You may blindly wish to follow everything Sebi has said, but if you read the article it does not discredit much of his work at all. It is simply stating an experience from someone who followed Sebi and noticed things he said at times didn’t add up. Not the writer nor anyone on this site promotes anything pharmaceutical and in fact if you looked at our various articles before you commented you would of realized as much.

      Sebi has done great things and will be remembered as such, but no one is above criticism and no human being is perfect. His knowledge on many fruits and vegetables are plain wrong, period, and one can be wrong about things and also be right about others. No one is throwing the baby out with the bathwater or looking at this as black and white. There are always many greys when it comes to individual nutrition, and no one person has the complete answer accept YOU! Learn that and you will be well on your way to a long, healthy life. Bless up.

  11. Well written article. I really love the last paragraph on how we should eat. Thank you.

  12. Amazing! New follower of Dr Sebi, (2 months) This simple food list i really appreciate. I’ve read and have watched many videos from other Sebi followers. My understanding is this food list is a beginners guide for people of African decent who want to greatly improve and maintain optimum health especially if you are ill. 80/20 Rule very realistic especially with all the cooking videos and recipe books based on the Dr Sebi simple list.

    I wish that Vegan leaders would not discourage others from trying something that’s safe with many satisfied customers. I’m a disabled US Veteran with 25 plus years of suffering with Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyagia, depression, severe anemia, etc. In 2 months, without ordering any formula, I’m off depression medicine, 15 1bs weight loss, I have more energy and my last trip to the VA this week my anemia is better.

    You pay the Multivitamin industry billions and pharmacy trillions; America is still in poor health. Please! Try and See what works for you. In 3 months change back to whatever these other vegan leaders are guiding you towards. Take care of you.

  13. I don’t follow Dr. Sebi’s recommendations 100%, because I simply can’t. I just adapt where I can – especially because I found that some of the items he did not include in his diet aren’t necessarily harmful if at all. Also, because of practical reasons like not being able to totally transition or maintain a totally alkaline diet at this point in time. However, I don’t like the slant of this article. If you really love and admire someone, you are going to advocate, lift and support them when you feel they or their legacy have/has been disrespected (this would be me). You don’t have to be a blind follower to do so. The man wasn’t a god to me – but who else do we know of is curing people of AIDS or other seemingly incurable diseases and ailments? There aren’t many people on this planet who care enough about other people to even try. If one is going to critique, do it in love and/or respect – not with an accompanying photo that makes it look like Dr. Sebi was a confused old man. (I don’t appreciate that at all.) If you do otherwise, expect to get some push-back.

  14. I’m usually a journeyman through articles and reader of comments and almost never reply. However, I feel a need to respond to this one. It is true that Sebi’s food list had frequently had some changes from one moment to the next but we must also remember that none of it is set in stone; to believe so is naïve. One simply has to look at their perpetually deteriorating environment around them. As in our own outlets. “Science” and nutritionalists forever claim one food is good for you today and then not so good for you the next. In the end its just big money as we have industrialized almost everything on earth (such as the medical industry). Things that we aren’t doing probably costs too much to do or hasn’t been thought of yet.

    A lot of “so-called” science via the internet are also “paid for” by a party with a motive to ultimately promote or sell; so be sure as to what you are reading is reputable (though this can even true in “reputable areas”; be careful).

    Next, there is a biblical message behind some of Sebi’s practices pertaining to consumption of “blood” and “seed mixing”. (Please search) Scientific theories in general have been made to dethrone Biblical teachings, even though a theory that can disprove an existing theory can become the new norm to consider and teach. Unlike scientific theory, scriptures do not change (it had added but did not subtract). So just because something is possible, doesn’t make it natural; contrary to the article above. A mule is an example of a unnatural process even though it happened in “nature” (horses and donkeys are different species; also please do not compare this with humans and their different races. As for disease among races, sickle cell is an example of one that more prevelant in people of African descent). Manurer is natural but I am not sure you would want to eat it, unless you have some sort of twisted motive. The one hybrid Sebi is known for actually approving is kale, which has a TON of benefits, as well as amaranth greens in terms of nutrition from vegetables; while quinoa is a “super-grain” (Sebi also allow “wild rice”). All else is generally found in herbs pertaining to well-ness.

    Sea salt is also preferred as mined salt may have harmful minerals and/or most of which are not located on the label. Sea salt is evaporated from “sea water” which is alkaline on the PH scale. The real question we should be asking is how can our bodies be well in an acid state? I recently had a discussion with a chem professor about it. You’re body would NOT be well. If all else, one should strongly consider “this balance” in their life styles. This is the “balance” we all talk about that we need when we talk about “fixing ourselves”. Its also funny to me that once you get cancer, doctors recommend an “alkaline-based diet”; oh the irony. Also, remember, nobody should be your idol and not everything is perfect, in the end, you have the final say as to what you put in your body as it is “what comes out of one’s mouth is what defiles a person.” It is also possible to know things without ever reading. It’s called life experience and connections you make with “resourceful people”. You can also be “read to”. School is overrated, only good for basic skills, reading, arts, math and sciences depending on what you want to do. It’s not where you go, it’s what you know and we all know you learn more “on-the-job.” I love history and it is important to learn it not to repeat mistakes but it can also ignite serve as boastfulness, bitterness, vengefulness, and war between peoples. Forgiveness may not be fully possible when you really should forgive and forget; its a sweet release some people should try (biblical also). Think genocide, people learning that one’s people was killed by another will never foster true peace; it may not restart within the same people but it will elsewhere as history repeats itself. We also have the need to feel better than others; stems from primitiveness (tribal and clans), insecurities and what you were told (history); politics to continue the divide. History is also written by the victor, hence “HIS”tory. Humans are afraid of what they do not know which is why we always need answers to everything. Please research the points I have made and draw your own conclusions and please “don’t follow me” but you can befriend me. Cheers!

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