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How to Build a Rainwater Collection System

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Collecting rainwater can be a fun and sustainable task that can be made with a simple system using plastic drum barrels, PVC tubing, and friends. Your garden can take up much water during the dry summer months, not to mention the unwanted chemicals in the tap water, like chlorine, which kills the soil. But why use that when water falls from the sky? The average roof collects 600 gallons (2,271.2 L) of water for every inch of rainfall. Instead of being directed into storm drains it can be directed back into the ground to water your garden, flowers or trees!

In this four-part video series show’s the step by step process of creating a Rainwater Collection System. Repurposing 55 gallon plastic drums. We show how to create a simple and efficient way of collecting and storing rainwater on your property can be a fun and simple task for individuals and/or a neighborhood project!

For a visual step by step guide you can also visit: http://www.wikihow.com/Build-a-Rainwater-Collection-System

So I have finally made some progress with building my Rain Water Collection System, A project that I had on hold for a year. This is just the 1st video of a few. In this video I start to build the structure that will be holding the rain barrels. With the help of Friends progress was made.

So the rain collection system is coming along nicely. I finished reinforcing the table that will be holding the rain water, so I can move on to the actual building of the system. Connecting the valves to the barrel an working on the gutter, Fun Process.

So now on to the overflow section of the rainwater system. With the help of my friend Joe we made the connectors for filling the barrels with water using PVC piping. In this video I show how we are going about this process.

The rainwater collection system is finally complete. The last part of the system was the attaching of the flow system that will allow water to flow into my garden & containers at will. Using PVC piping I connected the pipes along under the system. In this video I show how I am going about this.

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