CROSSING THE HEART RIVER: A Journey to Standing Rock

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In the spring of 2016 members of the Sioux tribe of North Dakota began a prayerful gathering against the proposal to expand an oil pipeline under the Missouri River. By the end of fall members from over 200 First Nations Tribes and thousands of people from diverse backgrounds had traveled to peacefully assemble against the Dakota Access pipeline. Arriving on a Caravan out of NYC with his camera to Oceti Sakowin Camp the morning after the Backwater Bridge attack, filmmaker Anthony Basil Rodriguez aligns his story alongside others open to sharing their own. Featuring candid interviews with individuals on the ground and inside the camp, including a descendant of Chief Crazy Horse, Zintkala Wicasa, “Birdman” of the Fire Lightening Band of the Oglala, Crossing the Heart River works to unveil the complex history, stories, and forces behind occupation, as well as the continuous struggles facing indigenous Americans.

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About the Filmmaker

Anthony Basil Rodriguez is a New York born independent photographer and filmmaker. Since childhood he has been oriented toward a range of visual worlds. As a teenager Anthony began to carry around an old film camera that his younger brother had lying around from a school project. Eventually taking his hobby more seriously, Anthony obtained a job pushing carts in order to buy his first digital camera. One day after a thunderstorm he was discovered by a local news station knee-deep in floodwaters collecting photos of the aftermath. He spent the following three years submerged in live television, editing daily newscasts. During this time he honed and developed a true eye and skill for editing, videography and ultimately storytelling. Since leaving the news industry Anthony has continued to push his craft, interlacing realms of photography, video and film. This work continues to bring Anthony around the world in pursuit of research and documentation of rare plants, disparate peoples and the flux of global society.

Support Our Caravan Journey to Standing Rock

After achieving great news of the Army Corp of Engineers denial of the easement needed to finish the Dakota Access Pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners released a statement saying the project would be completed regardless of the government’s wishes. They fully expect to drill underneath Lake Oahe on Standing Rock Sioux treaty land.

This statement serves as a wake up call for those who thought the battle was over.

As a part of the NYC Corn Cob Bus Caravan, we set out to Oceti Sakowin camp to serve our indigenous brothers & sisters in support and prayer. The bus has taken a total of 5 trips and left many behind who chose to stand in solidarity. The increase of the harsh winter weather will mean the old but reliable bus will have to retire, but our team is steadfast in continuing the fight against the black snake.

We are reaching out to our fellow New Yorkers, Tri-State friends and family, and supporters across the globe to help fund 100th Seed’s FIRST caravan to Standing Rock. This is a grassroots effort of volunteers and activists who are willing to leave behind the holidays to support the fight throughout the winter and beyond.

Our goal is to take various trips throughout the winter months bringing continued supplies and able-bodied water protectors until this pipeline is dead! But we need your help. Please take a moment to help us reach our goal and continue on. Donate below.

100th Seed Standing Rock Caravan

Journey to Standing Rock

The NYC Corn Cob Caravan family preparing for their journey to Standing Rock. November, 19th 2016


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  2. Excellent documentary in the words of one of my favorite reggae artist Ziggy Marley: ” say the world we live in, burn down the walls of our skin, we will rise from the ashes again” Start it Up, be the revolution from the evolution LOVES the contribution” #startitup

  3. Powerful & Soul shaking – There is so much wisdom in these voices and I look forward to coming back to this again and again. Thank you for all of your work & love in making this. Thank you for standing in solidarity with Standing Rock and continuing this fight.

  4. Thank you Anthony for making this film. You have made a wonderful contribution to the movement toward sustainability. Blessings to you brother.

  5. Thank you for your inspirational work as always Anthony , keep it up look forward to seeing whats to come next in our journey of change , as all ways lets keep doing good!

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