Rain Forest Hero Plants Over 30,000 Trees to Save the Amazon

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This short from Dan Childs and Nick Werber beautifully captures the way one community is learning to live in balance with their environment. For decades the people in the Manu region of Peru have used slash-and-burn as their primary farming technique. Realizing that there would soon be no forest left if this practice continued, Reynaldo Ochoa began experimenting with different approaches to farming the land. He’s now dedicated to reforesting the region and teaching residents more sustainable alternatives to deforestation, like agroforestry and permaculture. via National Geographic

“Everything in life begins with a seed, it is the same for a plant, a tree or an idea.”

Reynaldo shows us how one man dedicated to change can make a difference, learning and sharing permaculture techniques has shifted the mindset of his community for generations to come. Giving back what we take, living in sync with our land and sharing in the abundance of our beautiful planet can be the greatest gift we give ourselves, each other and the natural landscape we call home.


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