A seed planted in fertile soil will grow and blossom. A seed planted in a fertile mind, will do the same.

Our Story

Established in 2013, 100th Seed began as a social media platform to spread awareness of food justice issues affecting us worldwide and specifically here in the US. Our original crew met through social media and later in person at the first ever March Against Monsanto that year. After connecting with more like minds and wracking our brains on how to unify our message we gave birth to what is now known as the 100th Seed movement.

Many ask as to the meaning of the name and it is a culmination of many philosophies both literally and figuratively. We believe in the power of the awakened mind and its intrinsic connection to all that is; the “Collective Unconscious” as Carl Jung most famously coined and thus inspired by that underlying connection of humanity and the story of the “100th Monkey Theory” we decided the 100th Seed was the most just explanation of our goals, beliefs and purpose.

The 100th represents the theoretical number that tips the scales of unconscious thought and bringing it into our conscious everyday lives. The seed represents potential, beginnings, birth and together they become the potential for any person to birth a new paradigm in our human experience. Where our food, our planet and each others well being becomes priority.

While still very involved in activism, we have since grown to encompass a less reactive stance and focus efforts on a more proactive approach of food sovereignty within our communities. Working community gardens, developing educational programs for youth and growing our movement beyond the confines of social media.

Our Four Pillars


The first step to making a change, is having the awareness that change is necessary. In this world, the norm is an inherent disconnection with our food source, dis-empowerment of entire populations through seed control and genetic manipulation. We must take an unbiased, fearless approach in becoming aware of the current systems in place. By becoming in tune with the state of our current food systems and theologies, we can begin our journey of breaking away from a world of SICK-ness to create a world WELL-being . As we look to the ways of our ancestors, we unlock our true potential as stewards of this land, honoring our birthright to bring and maintain balance in nature.


Once we become aware of our current paradigms of disconnection, we must have the appropriate tools to improve, expand and implement changes. Education is the means by which we reach awareness and strive for empowerment. By learning together, our potential for growth and understanding can be open, free and limitless.


Through educated awareness of self, blossoms the strength of empowerment. This comes from within and generates outward.  As we align with our inner truth, empowered by free-will choice, we can shape a new reality for ourselves. Every person has the power to change the world around them, one seed, one thought, one action, at a time.


Having an outlet for fully expressed, creative energy is vital to the process of change. Activism through urban agriculture and community involvement, will help us achieve our goal of raising food consciousness to critical mass. Strengthening communal relationships for the purpose of passionate, healthy, robust life attainable for everyone.