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8 Ways You’re Exposed to Pesticides and What You can Do About it

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Unfortunately in today’s backwards world, truth is kept hidden from the masses who accept reasoning from authorities rather than doing their own research. Lies are truth, war is peace and enslavement is called freedom. We are told the accelerated vaccine schedule is for OUR health, we are told that pesticides keep the food clean and are good for pest control …

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Study Finds Turmeric Extract Superior to Prozac for Depression

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A study published in the journal “Phytotherapy Research” has confirmed for the first time in a randomized, controlled clinical setting that curcumin (the primary polyphenol in turmeric) is both safe and effective in treating serious states of depression (Sanmukhani et al., 2013). The research was performed at the Department of Pharmacology within the Government Medical College in India and involved …