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The Battle at Standing Rock: Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

In Environment by Joan Shields, RNLeave a Comment

The North Dakota Access Pipeline is a $3.7 billion project covering an area more than a thousand miles from North Dakota to Illinois. “If” it is completed it will be the largest crude oil line in the area. The pipeline was originally going to cross the Missouri River north of Bismarck. North Dakota citizens were concerned of the potential damage …

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What Does Farm to Table Really Mean?

In Food Justice by Local Roots NYC1 Comment

  You can read all the Michael Pollan books and watch sexy shots of cooking on TV, but purchasing within a local food system turns farm to table from a terminology into experiential education. What do we mean by that? By purchasing through a CSA or farmers market, you’re able to meet your farmers either in person or, in this modern …

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Botanical Explorers: The Fruitful Forest (Full Movie)

In Environment by Carlos Espinal, INHCLeave a Comment

We are so more than excited to be able to share this wonderful documentary from filmaker and fellow permaculturist Anthony Rodriguez. The Fruitful Forest follows Joseph Simcox and friends as they explore the Amazon Jungle for exotic and rare species of edible plants. Be sure to check back for more videos from this incredible filmaker documenting the wonders of nature. …

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Rain Forest Hero Plants Over 30,000 Trees to Save the Amazon

In Environment, Food Justice, Sustainability by Carlos Espinal, INHCLeave a Comment

This short from Dan Childs and Nick Werber beautifully captures the way one community is learning to live in balance with their environment. For decades the people in the Manu region of Peru have used slash-and-burn as their primary farming technique. Realizing that there would soon be no forest left if this practice continued, Reynaldo Ochoa began experimenting with different approaches to farming the land. …

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Relieve Colds and Congestion Naturally

In Alternative Medicine, Health by Eleni Simos, INHCLeave a Comment

As warm weather fades and the colder months approach we have to ensure that our bodies’ immune systems are fully prepared, locked and loaded to take on winter season! Since our environment and surroundings are often compromised, the food available to us can be more harmful then good, we have to take our health and wellness in our own hands …