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Immunity, Neurotransmitters, Bacteria and Cravings

In Alternative Medicine, Health by Jessica Peatross, MD1 Comment

Microbes control Cravings…and more Those little gut bacteria and parasites are playing mind games with you! A new study published by BioEssays and research conducted by Dr. Joe Alcock at University of New Mexico has confirmed that gut microbes are able to control food cravings, behavioral choices and personality changes. Bacteria within the gut are manipulative and can their interests …

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Over Diagnosed and Over Medicated

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The Truth About ADHD ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a booming trend for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. ADHD medication sales have grown 8 percent each year since 2010 and are projected to gain 13 percent this year to $12.9 billion. Estimates continue to project growth over the next five years at an annualized rate of 6 percent, …

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Starting an Organic Garden

In Empowerment, Environment, Sustainability by Joan Shields, RN4 Comments

STEPS TO PLANNING AN ORGANIC GARDEN: LOCATION: The first step in planning an organic garden is to look for a sunny spot. Monitor the amount of sunshine the spot receives each day. Six to ten 10 hours of sunshine per day makes for ideal growing conditions. SOIL: Prepare the garden spot with a composted soil made from discarded kitchen scraps, …

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Homegrown Probiotics

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Preserved organic vegetables offer wonderful probiotic support for gut health. The “gut” aka the digestive system consists of the small intestine (or small bowel) and the colon (or large intestine/large bowel) and is connected to health, illnesses/disease. The gut and intestines hold “bad” bacteria, microbes, parasites. Our “Good bacteria” will eat the bad and create a healthier immuno response. Antibiotics …